A Challenge from a Chancellor

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Yesterday, Answers in Genesis was privileged to host a very special visitor: the Chancellor of Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina. Dr. Bob Jones III visited the Creation Museum and also spoke to the entire AiG staff during our chapel time.

You can listen below to the challenge Dr. Bob Jones gave our staff:

Dr. Bob Jones III at Answers in Genesis

Here is a photograph I had taken with “Dr. Bob” (as he is often called) after chapel and inside the museum’s Main Hall:

At lunchtime all the Bob Jones University graduates who work at AiG, together with their families had lunch with Dr. Bob. Bob Jones University is one of the “feeder” universities for prospective staff for various departments in the ministry of AiG and the Creation Museum.

Bob Jones University is one of a few institutions that take a stand on the authority of God’s Word beginning in Genesis and are thus on our special website www.creationcolleges.org.

The Galapagos Adventure

Over the next few weeks, Dr. Georgia Purdom will be sharing details of her Galapagos adventure, with great photographs and some great teaching. I will link to her blog as she publishes these special entries from her Galapagos trip. Here is today’s post:


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