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A pastor from a church we have ministered in sent this email that I wanted to share with you:

Tell your board a huge thanks from all of us little guys. You and your team were a shot in the arm of spiritual energy, hope, and confidence in the authority of the Word and the sheer power and awesome glory of the gospel. You and your board have launched out with God-sized vision that demands God-sized faith. We all need it but often the rest of us are content to be in the  kiddie pool of life.  Actually we are fearful and have grown comfortable with our little safe visions that don't demand much courage or faith.

Your unbelievable boldness (and that of the board) is going to build an ark that may do as much to rescue the church from ourselves as it will to reach the Lost.   Tell them again that all of us no-name guys out there are counting on them and have been strengthened to greater faith and courage.  For churches that get it all the time, maybe it isn't as big a deal. But for little guys like us who pastor churches that are constantly getting beat up it breathed new life and gospel energy into us.

Tell your board a million thanks for their support of your vision and their enablement of it rather than forcing you to  ... stay safe.

Pray for us as we do continue to step out in faith—and pray for the church in America and around the world.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,


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