AiG Wins NRB Award

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Answers in Genesis was thrilled to hear the news that it had won the “Best Television Mixed Media Campaign Award” from the National Religious Broadcaster organization (NRB).

The NRB stated the following on its website:

Answers in Genesis (AiG) will receive the NRB Best Television Mixed Media Campaign Award for the I Am Not Ashamed national media campaign during the February 26th Television Reception at the NRB Convention & Exposition.
Their statement continues:
“Answers in Genesis plays a key role in calling Christians to live out their faith boldly and scripturally,” said NRB President & CEO Dr. Frank Wright. “Using all forms of traditional and social media, their I Am Not Ashamed campaign is helping believers fulfill their calling in Christ.”
You can read the entire news release at this link.

Answers in Genesis will also receive two other NRB awards.

I personally would like to thank our dear friends at JDA (Joseph David Advertising) for their very talented and dedicated staff who continue to win awards for AiG with their creative advertising/marketing for the AiG ministry and Creation Museum. JDA is also in charge of the entire marketing program for the Ark Encounter project!

At AiG and Creation Museum, we have always tried to be as professional and first-class as possible in presenting the message of truth from God’s Word to the world. This in itself has had in impact on the media and the general public. I remember when the Creation Museum opened, a well-known atheist leader in America wrote about a concern that the Creation Museum was so professional, so well done, that the worry was that kids would believe it! I had to smile when I read that. The secular world, of course, markets its message to billions in a professional and creative way to get people to take notice. Surely we as God’s people need to do things as well as what the world does—in fact, we should strive to be better as we have a message to share that will effect each person’s eternity.

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