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I thought you would be interested in some recent comments we received.

By email:

Your ministry has changed the way I did RE [Religious Education], my understanding of the Bible, and the way I home school my children. [With] all of the disappointments that have come your way over years especially from Christians, thank you for carrying on. Thank you to you and your family.
From Facebook:
Ken:  When you were at Hampton Park [Greenville, SC] a little over a year ago at the chapel for the elementary-aged students, I was sitting in the back (I think Mally was on one side of me) with a friend and her young preschool-aged boy. He was very attentive, obviously following what you were saying, raising his hand, etc. We don't give credit to young children like we should of how much they really do understand because sometimes they can't explain what they do "get" very well yet --kind of like when babies start understanding us but yet they can't speak clearly.
From an 8 year old by email:
My name is Talon. I am 8 years old and love the Lord and dinosaurs. I really like and appreciate your ministry. Currently, I am writing a book about evidence of a Creator and the dinosaurs He created. Where can I get pictures of dinosaurs for my book?  Thank you in advance for your time and response,  Talon, Founder and Owner.
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