A Day at the Creation Museum

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Nine-year-old Anna Tilghman from Saint Simons island in Georgia came to our Creation Museum near Cincinnati with her parents. Months later, Anna wrote a report of her visit. I thought you would enjoy reading Anna’s article below:

My First Day at the Creation Museum

by Anna Tilghman

I went to the Creation Museum in Cincinnati. I went to the museum with my Mom, Dad and my little sister, Lily. Outside of the museum there was a dinosaur skeleton on each side of the door.  We got v.i.p. passes. This is why we got v.i.p. passes. My dad owns an advertising business. He advertises for the museum. The passes had the days of creation on them.

I walked through the museum with my family. In the front of the museum I saw a moving sculpture of Adam and Eve. Above us was a robot that looked like a T-Rex. While I was walking I saw robots that looked like people making “Noah’s Ark.” After that I saw Mathuselah.  Mathuselah was Noah’s father and died at the age of about 996. Afterwards, I went to a show about the stars.   learned the names of some of the stars. The show gave information about the Milky Way. The show also shared that there are millions of galaxies.

I ate at a restaurant named “Noah’s Café.” I had noodles for lunch. My Dad had a salad with ranch dressing as his lunch. My Mom had lasagna. My sister ate a hot dog with ketchup and mustard that day. The restaurant was decorated to look like a jungle. There were pretend monkeys and all different kinds of pretend animals.

My Mom and Dad perform a play called “Job.” Job is a man in the Bible. My Dad acted out his life. My mom sang in the background. While they did that my sister and I had a babysitter. We walked through the museum while it was closed. We saw cool videos. Most of the videos were about the creation of the earth. After my parents finished their performance, we hopped in the car.

We drove to a restaurant and my Dad hopped out of the car and bought us sushi. Once we got to the hotel we were staying in, my sister fell asleep. I had a California roll for dinner. There were strange orange circles on the top of my California roll. I asked my parents, “What are these strange orange circles?” They did not answer. My Dad distracted me by talking about how cool the museum was. After dinner my parents told me what the strange little orange circles on the top of my California roll were. They said that they were fish eggs. After that I went to bed. It was a very tiring day, but I had bunches of fun.

Anna’s dad commented with the following:
A couple of things are amazing to me about this. The trip was in February, and she wrote this months later (September) and remembered all the detail.  Also how much she learned.  And of course the overall experience and how meaningful it was to her.
Anna is just one of thousands of such children who have been impacted by the Creation Museum.

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