Miami University Professors Essentially Admit Evolution Has Connections to Dismal Science and Math Scores

by Ken Ham

In a slam against the Ark Encounter project, three university professors from Miami University in Ohio wrote a misinformation-filled article with scoffing anti-Christian rhetoric. Actually, it's quite amazing that such qualified professors would write such non-scholarly ridicule, but then again, that’s what these secularists often have to resort to these days.

What is amazing to me is this statement they make:

This anti-science museum and theme park are particularly disturbing, knowing the performance of U.S. high school students in science and math is so dismal, compared to other developed countries. Students in 17 countries, led by Finland, Hong Kong and South Korea, outperform U.S. students in mathematics, and those in 12 countries surpass our students in science. An interactive science technology theme park would be more appropriate to educate the public and inspire schoolchildren to be more competitive in math and science and to aspire to regain America’s leadership in the global market…We will not regain our pre-eminence in science and technology if we don’t teach our children how to distinguish faith-based myth from scientific fact.
Think about it: Creation, prayer, Bible, etc. have all basically been thrown out of public schools years ago. Evolution/millions of years is taught as fact in the public school system and secular (and even many Christian) universities—and has been for many years. These professors are bemoaning the poor science and math scores in U.S. schools and relating it to the Creation Museum/Ark Encounter! The illogic is incredible. The science and math scores have gone down as evolution has been taught as fact, and they blame creationists who have hardly any influence in secular education. Amazing!

Actually, it is obvious that the more anti-Christian the schools and curricula have become, the more the science and math scores have decreased.

They go on in their article and state the following:

Ark Encounter, a planned theme park of Answers in Genesis (the Creation Museum) of Northern Kentucky and Ark Encounter LLC of Louisville, will hijack science. The centerpiece of their effort is an attack on evolution itself. Here we go again.

Building a “life-sized replica” of the ark in a Genesis-themed park in Kentucky, with publicity reaching even to The New York Times, strikes a severe blow to the teaching of evolution after 150 years of accumulated scientific knowledge that is based on proven and testable scientific evidence generated by hundreds of thousands of scientists from many different disciplines in physical and biological sciences.

Wow! I guess I should be impressed! Despite all the public schools and secular universities teaching evolution as fact, the enormous numbers of secular evolutionist museums across the country, and all the television programs on a numerous TV channels (PBS, TLC, Discovery, etc), one Creation Museum and now one future Ark Encounter are enough to strike “a severe blow to the teaching of evolution.”

Then of course they try to use the money angle, which is so old; secularists continue to try to do that with the AiG ministry and Creation Museum in general. And they are worried that the “park will continue to influence visitors, especially schoolchildren, into thinking evolution is wrong and the biblical account is factual.” That would be sad wouldn’t it? These evolutionary secularists want to influence children and tell them they are just animals and there is no meaning and purpose in life! They don’t want Christians influencing children to tell them they are made in God’s image and are very special. Here is what they say:

Aside from money, one wonders about the motivation behind the establishment of the Noah’s Ark theme park. One possibility is to undermine the scientific foundation of biological evolution, defined as descent with modification from a common ancestor, resulting from natural selection, acting on genetic variation. Both the museum and the theme park will continue to influence visitors, especially schoolchildren, into thinking evolution is wrong and the biblical account is factual.
It is hard to believe but three university professors wrote this piece:
J.K. Bhattacharjee is professor emeritus of microbiology, G.R. Janssen is a professor of microbiology and T.G. Gregg is professor emeritus of zoology at Miami University in Oxford.
I encourage you to read the entire article.

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