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We have a new outreach at AiG called Answers for Women.  This involves many things, including women’s Bible conferences led by Dr. Georgia Purdom of our staff. Even though she has a PhD in science (molecular genetics), Dr. Purdom can communicate very effectively at a level that all people can Understand, and she has a heart for bringing the message of biblical authority to women.  She is a marvelous speaker.

On Tuesday morning during our staff chapel, Dr. Purdom shared something about her latest outreach: special internet programs called Answers for Women webinars. On October 12 and 19, you can watch her—on your computer monitor—as she explores the fascinating theme of Hope Amid Despair: The Legacy of Eve. By studying Eve’s life, you’ll discover on this webinar that (as she tells me) “where sorrow and despair abound, God’s love and mercy abound still more.  This leads to hope in our own lives as we trust the Creator whose Word is true and keeps His promises.”

After you watch Dr. Purdom’s video, you are invited to join her for a live chat. There is no charge.

Go to for more information about these exciting special events, including times.

To book one of her Answers for Women conferences for your church or group, go to that same website.

World Magazine Cover Story This Week

A fascinating article on the Grand Canyon raft trips that AiG co-hosts with Canyon Ministries each year is the lead story this week in the newsmagazine World. (World is something like a Christian version of Time magazine.)  See today’s lead article to find out more about the long article as well as information on next year’s raft trips through the Canyon—with teaching that supports Noah’s Flood. I’ve been on one of these fascinating raft trips, and it really helped me understand the arguments that support a young age for the Canyon and the historicity of the Flood.


My meditation of Him shall be sweet

(Psalm 104:34)  My meditation of him shall be sweet: I will be glad in the LORD.

The great benefit of the Bible is that it brings us to the sweet meditations of the courage, humility, and care of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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