Shades of Brown from Dark to Light

by Ken Ham on June 9, 2010

Last night, at the final session of the AiG conference in Philadelphia, I spoke on “One Race, One Blood.”  This is based on the book Darwin's Plantation, which details how all humans are descendants of Adam and Eve, and thus, we are all related—all one biological race (just as the Human Genome Project confirmed a few years ago).

As part of this presentation, I also explained that all humans have one main pigment in their skin—we are essentially all the same color (brown), just differing shades of brown.  I then explain how the different people groups with distinct characteristics arose after the event of the Tower of Babel and the split up of the human population.

Well, just a couple of days ago, I was thrilled to receive this email from the Amazon region of Brazil where a missionary is teaching children the Seven C’s of History (that we present in the Creation Museum) and that we are all the same color—just differing shades.  I love the re-wording of the well-known chorus to state:

Jesus loves the little children—all the children of the world Shades of brown from dark to light—all are precious in His sight Jesus loves the little children of the world.
Here is the email:
My husband and I were greatly encouraged to read that a pastor from Brazil had attended the International Training Seminar at AiG.  We have been living in the Amazon region of Brazil as a family for the past 9 months (due to my husband's work) and attending a small church that the Lord led my husband to when he first started coming down here on his own over a year ago.  We are really hoping to see more of Answers in Genesis materials available in Portuguese in the future!

Attached are two pictures [reproduced below] of some of the children in the church. I have been teaching them the "Sete C's de Historia" [7 C's of History] using pictures from our trip to the Creation Museum last year.  We brought down copies of the Portuguese version of  "How Can I Become a Child of God" booklet as well as the "7 C's" bead bracelet kits.  The one picture is of some of the children around my laptop in the Sunday school "room" (the courtyard outside the church) and the other is of some of them showing off their booklets and newly made bracelets.  It's a different experience teaching Sunday School surrounded by wild dogs, roosters and poisonous spiders!

As they like to learn English songs, I am teaching them choruses to go along with each "C"'; for example I taught them "One Door and Only One (and Yet it's Sides are Two)" for "Catastrophe".  For "Confusion" we are going to learn "Jesus Loves the Little Children. Since the words do not fit what the Bible says about people groups, and saying someone has "red" skin makes no sense to the people here (as in the line "red and yellow, black and white), I am teaching them . . . "Jesus loves the little children- - all the children of the world Shades of brown from dark to light -- all are precious in His sight Jesus loves the little children of the world."

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