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by Ken Ham on May 9, 2010

In yesterday’s blog, I mentioned the new book In God We Trust that has now arrived in our bookstore.  This book is authored by our Senior Director of Outreach, Steve Ham (my younger brother).  Throughout the years, the message at Answers in Genesis has continued to mature as we have refined our message to the most foundational biblical truths, especially  the difference between taking man’s word or God’s Word as the authority.

In God We Trust deals with the subject of biblical authority, but with a difference.  In this great new book, Steve has captured not only the essence of authority but how it is clearly seen in God’s character—and how it relates to practical Christian living and issues such as worship, church, family, and evangelism.  Anyone reading this book will be able to identify the strongest foundational basis for faith anyone can have in the authority of Scripture while also learning how it impacts the deepest parts of our life and walk with Christ.  This is a book for all people interested in confidently living an enriched life under the authority of the Creator of all.

To go with the arrival of this new book, starting May 11 (Tuesday) , Steve with help from Chris Russell in our office will be doing a new online biblical devotional.  Every weekday you will be able to engage with aspects of biblical authority in a devotional capacity, and we hope it will be a great way to start off or finish your day with the enrichment of God’s Word with associated prayer tips.   You can also engage with wonderful  biblical authority thoughts  from Steve on his Twitter or Facebook page.

You can order In God We Trust from the AiG website.

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