What Does “Impartial” Mean?

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Quite a number of years ago, I debated the topic of origins with three people on BBC Television while I was on a speaking tour of the UK.  One of those I debated was Professor Steve Jones, professor of Genetics at University College, London.  On the TV program, I remember asking Prof. Jones for the best example he could give for Darwinian evolution.  I remember him talking about some different species ofsalmon that had been observed to form in recent times.  I remember answering something like this, “but they are still Salmon.”

Well, the BBC Trust has sent out a press release stating:

Trust names lead author for review of impartiality in the BBC's coverage of science

25 March 2010 ...

The BBC Trust has today announced it has selected Professor Steve Jones to lead its forthcoming review of impartiality and accuracy in the BBC's coverage of science. It has also published the formal terms of reference for the review, which will look at the BBC's coverage of science across television, radio and online, particularly where it relates to public policy or matters of controversy.

The review will take in news and current affairs, as well as factual output across a wide range of programmes including science and general strands and series, natural history output, one-off documentaries, together with news and opinion from the BBC website.

As Professor of Genetics and head of the Department of Genetics, Evolution and Environment at University College London, Prof Jones will be the sole lead in this review. His background is in evolution and on the forces promoting genetic diversity. He was selected on the basis of his academic credentials, of his knowledge of the media and his reputation amongst the scientific community. He is an established commentator on scientific issues across both broadcast and print media.

So an ardent evolutionist and vehement anti-creationist is to be the BBC’s reviewer “of impartiality and accuracy in BBC’s coverage of science . . . ”—especially in a nation where the creation/evolution topic is often in the news (look for an upcoming web article by Paul Taylor of AiG-UK on the latest controversy in the UK). So what then does “impartial” mean?  Obviously the BBC defines “impartial” as one who will review the coverage of science, understanding that molecules-to-man evolution and millions of years are fact and cannot be disputed, and creation can’t be considered at all.

What a farce!

You can read the press release at:


News Director Tours the Museum

Media interest in the Creation Museum continues to range from national to international since we opened the museum less than three years ago. You name the major international media outlet, and it’s quite possible that they have already sent a reporter to the Creation Museum (including six alone from various BBCs outlets). A reporter from the Guardian newspaper in the UK will even be visiting us today.

Increasingly, we are seeing local media personalities and reporters touring the museum, including the news director for a secular radio station in the region. He and his family toured the museum a few days ago, and he called the museum “remarkable.” He also said that the planetarium program he saw was “amazing.”

Speaking of media, I want to note that our ministry will soon have some national exposure, and it happens this Sunday—it’s our television spot promoting the world’s first online video Bible, and it will be aired during the CBS News program “60 Minutes.” Check your local listings for the time in your region (7pm Eastern Time for us in this Cincinnati area). In the meantime, find out more about our online video Bible project at www.IAmNotAshamed.org.

Also, this Saturday, watch the FOX TV News program “The Glenn Beck Program,” where you’ll see a different “I am not Ashamed” TV spot—again, check your local listings.

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