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On Thursday morning, AiG researcher and speaker Dr. Andrew Snelling spoke to our staff. With a PhD in geology, he is recognized as one of the finest creationist geologists in the world.

In October, Dr. Snelling will be traveling to Israel to do some on-site geological research, but also lead AiG supporters on a one-of-a-kind tour of Israel. Dr. Snelling (along with Dr. David Crandall) will be traveling to some of the southern parts of Israel, where many tourists don’t go, and will explore geologic formations that are the result of Noah’s Flood about 4,400 years ago. In other words, this tour of Israel in October is not just your “typical” tour of the Land of the Bible—along with the major sites that most visitors will see, like Jerusalem, Masada, Galilee, etc. this tour will stress the authority of the Bible, beginning with Genesis—especially its account of a global Flood. Co-leader Dr. David Crandall, who has been to Israel 17 times now, will give inspiring devotionals all along the way.

Watch a Video on our Tour of Israel

Dr. Snelling also showed the staff a promotional video for the tour—watch this 3-minute interview below:

Even though this wonderful tour of Israel is still many months away, we have 26 people already registered—last year, more than 60 Americans traveled to Israel, and all of them gave back with rave reviews about the tour, including the wonderful food, excellent hotels, and Bible instruction. Here is a sampling of some comments from last year’s Israel tour:

Thank you so-o-o much for all you did to make my Israel trip so amazing. It couldn’t have been any more “perfect” than it was. Everything was above my expectations!!

Sign me up for the next AiG tour—I’m serious! Both of you were a joy to meet and travel with, and I appreciate everything you did. God bless you, AiG & Israel.

—Karen, from Michigan

BTW: Karen enjoyed her visit so much, she returned to Israel a few weeks later!

The trip was all we could have imagined and more! There were so many touching moments and it really brought the Bible to life.

It was the best trip we have ever taken. We loved every minute!

—Doug and Mary Lou, from Maryland

Truly a magnificent experience. Please let Mark and Carl know that Dale and I appreciate their efforts on our behalf … the trip was so meaningful.

—Nancy, from Ohio

Find out more about what previous tour participants—and some staff members—are calling the “trip of a lifetime.”


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When a nation or a people turn away from reading & hearing the Bible God sends a famine judgment where the preaching & teaching the Word of God is very rare.

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