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AiG’s “I am not ashamed” campaign has been launched. Watch for advertisements in America’s national newspaper USA Today (page 10A today), on the Fox News Channel, MSNBC, and others to come. There is a billboard campaign and other newspaper and magazine advertisements that are in this nationwide effort.

Also, a big part of this campaign is to produce the world’s first online video Bible. You can be a part of this. We are encouraging people to get their family and friends together so that 8,000 people (adults and children) will read four verses of Scripture each to produce the world’s first online video Bible. Momentum for this campaign is building, and I urge you to watch the short video about the online video Bible at the following YouTube link below—and then pass it on to your friends. Share it on your Facebook, Twitter, and so on.

This whole campaign is also meant to get people talking about the Bible, quoting the Bible, and using God’s Word to battle issues (such as abortion, “gay” marriage, etc.). People are being emboldened to stand on the authority of God’s Word unashamedly.

Watch the video:

Now send the link to you friends, family, and others.

USA Today “I Am Not Ashamed” Advertisements

Here are scans of the advertisements we placed in America’s national newspaper, USA Today, on Monday and Tuesday:

We also have another advertisement appearing in today’s issue that deals with the state of the nation.

Campaign Launched at NRB

We launched the “I am not ashamed” campaign as the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) Convention in Nashville, Tennessee that concluded last night. Here is a photograph of one of the banners people saw in strategic places in the Opryland Resort and Convention Center:

As a result of this launch at NRB, we were able to have a number of well-known Christian leaders, as well as many others, become a part of the online video Bible. Here is a photograph of Kay Arthur of Precept Ministries as she recorded her verses:

Here is a photograph of another NRB participant recording her verses:

Lots of Interviews

While I was attending the NRB Convention, I was also interviewed on various radio and TV programs, including for a documentary for Romanian television. Here is a photograph of me with Chad Bresson from CDR radio (this is the radio ministry that broadcast our “State of the Nation 2” live):

Meeting Old Friends

The NRB Convention was also a time to catch up with many old friends from other Christian ministries. Here is a photograph of me with long-time friend David Gibbs from the Christian Law Association (they have a fantastic ministry defending the rights of Christians in this nation):

AiG’S Spectacular Booth

Here are a few photographs of our large booth at the NRB Convention:

Meeting with Dr. Hugh Ross

At the NRB Convention I also was able to greet Dr. Hugh Ross from the Reasons to Believe ministry. Even though we are on very different sides when it comes to the way we take the book of Genesis (see The Great Debate video set), when he came by our AiG booth I wanted to meet and talk with him.

Here is a photo of Hugh and me taken at NRB: website. You will be able to see those people who have already recorded verses of Scripture, and you can obtain instructions on how you can become a part of this online video Bible. We have many, many more video recordings of people reading their four verses, and our technical team will be working to put these up as soon as possible.

News Reports on “I Am Not Ashamed”

Yesterday, there were many news reports on the “I am not ashamed” campaign—at this stage, the coverage is mainly in the Christian media (; the Christian Post website, etc.). I have also seen some atheist blogs that quote the Bible out of context to mock the campaign—but that is to be expected from people who have no basis for ethics to ensure they would quote something correctly. Of course, if we quoted them the way they quote Scripture, they would be up in arms with accusations of being falsely maligned—but with them, it is usually a one-way street! Secularists often do whatever they want, but they would cry foul if someone did to them what they do to God’s Word!

Please continue to pray for the “I am not ashamed” campaign. I will tell you more about the billboard outreach in a future blog.


I will bring him and plead with him

(Ezekiel 17:20) And I will spread my net upon him, and he shall be taken in my snare, and I will bring him to Babylon, and will plead with him there for his trespass that he has trespassed against me.

God pleading with man? The Lord Jesus Christ knows all too well how horrible hell is, so He pleads with man to be saved before it is too late—so should we.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying, Ken

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