Kneehigh Museum Opens First Exhibits

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We are thrilled to announce that inside our existing Creation Museum a few of the many exhibits planned for our  “Kneehigh” Museum (specially designed to reach children) have been installed and are now operational at the Creation Museum.  The atheists who have visited the Creation Museum and/or have commented on the Creation Museum sometimes go ballistic over children being influenced by the Creation Museum.  Well—we are thrilled to announce that we have even more exhibits to reach even more children with the message of God’s Word beginning in Genesis—and this is only the start!  These atheists get upset because they want to brainwash these kids instead in the meaningless purposeless anti-God atheistic religion!

Here are just two photographs (and I will add more in future blogs) of the these new exhibits:

1.        The Dig Site  (2 photographs)—activities for children

2.       The animatronic Noah (very realistic) in the Voyage Room of our museum’s large Noah’s Ark section

Earth’s Catastrophic Past

This next week, AiG will be sending a press release out that is similar to the following concerning Dr. Andrew Snelling’s new book on creationist geology:
Dr. Andrew Snelling, one of the world’s leading creation geologists, is the author of the new “Earth’s Catastrophic Past: Geology, Creation and the Flood,” released recently from the Institute for Creation Research (ICR). It details the current geological evidence validating the authority and accuracy of the biblical accounts of the Creation and the Flood. In its 1,100 pages, it also provides a compelling case to rebut the evolutionary timeline of millions/billions of years.

Snelling, a former professor of geology and researcher at ICR, serves as the Director of Research at Answers in Genesis (AiG) and is editor-in-chief of AiG’s Answers Research Journal.

“I believe in the convergence of scientific study and biblical truth,” Snelling said. “A literal reading of the events of the first eleven chapters of Genesis is confirmed by science. The Creation and the Flood, are real events in history.”
Snelling uses the two-volume set as an opportunity to share the earth’s history and the science of geology from a biblical perspective. In “Earth’s Catastrophic Past,” Snelling discusses geological elements in the Genesis record, as well as the latest scientific data on sedimentation, fossilization, plate tectonics, radioisotope dating, and more. Much of his decades of research has been summarized inside AiG’s popular Creation Museum, which has welcomed over 945,000 visitors since opening  May 2007.
I want to add that the great thing about this set is that it gives non-scientist readers access to the geological and scientific evidence that supports the global Flood and a young earth view of creation. By making this research available to the Christian community, believers will be able to defend their views. For secularists, this two-volume set will address their problems with the Creation and Flood accounts in the Bible.  You can order this two volume set from the AiG website.

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