Coast to Coast Hiker to Visit The Museum

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A West Virginia newspaper carried an interesting news report that stated:

A Colorado man is using a love of the outdoors to promote the love of Jesus Christ. Daniel Johnson of Colorado Springs is hiking through the country as part of the “Coast to Coast for Christ” program.

“I am hiking from the top of Maine to the bottom of California, spreading the word of the gospel,” Johnson said.

The news report also stated:
In about two weeks Johnson hopes to be in the Cincinnati area, touring the Creation Museum in nearby Petersburg, Ky.

“I would like to have people able to come out and meet me while I'm at the museum,” he said.

We certainly look forward to meeting him. We have already contacted Daniel, and look forward to hosting him here in about ten days. You can read the full news story at: and see a link to his website, which has a video about his remarkable journey.

Last Evening for BB’09

Tonight (Saturday) is the last opportunity for you to come and see the Live Nativity as part of the spectacular Bethlehem’s Blessings program this Christmas season at the Creation Museum. You can find out details from the Creation Museum website. By the way, almost all of our “Bethlehem’s Blessings” events are free—bring family and friends tonight if you live in our area!

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