Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

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I’m sure you have heard of this very popular TV program.  On this past Thursday evening, one of the questions asked of the contestant was:

Displaying dinosaurs and humans living together, the  Creation Museum is dedicated to refuting what scientific theory?

  • Evolution
  • Thermodynamics
  • Gravity
  • Electromagnetism

It is interesting to see the Creation Museum name popping up in all sorts of places—it is certainly making an impact!

A Vegetarian Spider?

I thought you might be interested in this news item I came across on Fox News regarding a “vegetarian spider.”  The report claims:  ‘"This is really the first spider known to specifically 'hunt' plants; it is also the first known to go after plants as a primary food source," ‘

You can read the entire article.

Also, read our article about this unique spider.

From Seattle and Back

My friends Bruce and Nancy Lindquist visited our Creation Museum last week. They flew all the way from Seattle just to tour the museum—and then flew back home the next day! We often hear of such visits—where people fly all the way here just to tour the museum.

When the Lindquists  came out many years ago, there was only dirt on the property, yet they still decided to become museum members (more than two years before the museum opened)! They were thrilled with what they saw here: they said that the museum was wonderful and much bigger than expected. I remember travelling with them to my native Australia back in the '90s for a tour by several Americans. Here is a photograph taken of Bruce and Nancy with myself when they visited last week:


Bruce and Nancy did a report on their visit and wrote:

On Monday 10/5 we flew from Seattle to Cincinnati.  On Tuesday we spent all day at the museum. On Wednesday we flew back home.

We had attended a creation confrence near the museum site a number of years ago.  At that time there were a few bull dozers pushing dirt around. What a change to now see a beautiful building and wonderful landscaping. The first thing we did was go on the Seven C’s walk through tour.  We were impressed with the animation of the biblical characters and creatures.  The Garden of Eden and Noah's ark were very well done.  We were also impressed with the special effects theaters.  We were disturbed to find out that less than 10% of today's teenagers believe in absolutes and can see how that is destroying our society.

At dinner that evening we told our waitress about our museum experience.  She said she knew about the museum but hadn't gone to it yet.  She said now she will. On the way home our plane stopped in Chicago.  There was a Field Museum shop at the airport.  It contained books for adults and children on the T-Rex "Sue" that was dug up in Montana [and is now on display at the Field Museum].  The books say dinosaurs disappeared millions of years ago but say nothing about soft tissue or blood found in the bones of a T rex.

We were glad to have started investing in the building of the museum a number of years ago and that nearly one million people have toured the museum and the many lives are being changed through AIG.

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