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Our AiG team of Patrick Marsh and David Crandall has finalized their trip to South Korea and both report wonderful  success and many new opportunities for AiG in this country that is 30% Christian. On his last day in South Korea, Dr. Crandall met with the leadership team of KACR (Korean Association of Creation Research) .  AiG has had a long history with KACR, which is something of a sister creation ministry.  KACR has 1,200 dues-paying members and 20,000 online members.  Like AiG, they have a website and realize between 6,000 and 10,000 connections daily, I am told. The KACR Board has asked for permission to translate our book The Lie: Evolution. If this is done it will be the third Asian country to have my book in their language, along with Japanese and Thai. image001

Dr. Crandall with KACR Leadership; Dr. Lee the president is sitting to the right of Dr. Crandall.

Answers Magazine Continues to Get Rave Reviews

We receive many comments each week about Answers magazine.  Here is one recent one I selected for you:
Thank you so much for such a great magazine! I just received all of my back issues. I have read several articles aloud to my husband while he drank his coffee this morning, I have read articles to the kids too. The pictures are beautiful, the content is wonderful. I have learned a lot already. Thank you and God bless you!

Much Work To Do

An email received this past week reminds us of how much work we still have to do:
It has been and will continue to be a pleasure to support what AiG and the Creation Museum are doing in service to our Lord Jesus. Many blessings to you and the staff for adhering to the infallible and inerrant Word of God and to the task of restoring biblical principles back in our homes, schools, and even into some of our churches.  Just finished Ken’s book ‘Already Gone’ and unfortunately it only confirmed much of what was already being seen …. just didn’t realize at what an early age it [i.e., the exodus of so many young people from the church] was taking place. Much work to do …. not much time to do it.
The book ‘Already Gone’ continues to make a tremendous impact in churches across this nation (and around the world).  You can order your copy (or discounted bulk copies) from the AiG website.

Outreach in Oregon

Today I am speaking at Rolling Hills Community Church in Portland, Oregon, as our free Answers For Darwin conference begins.  Find out more from the AiG web calendar.

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