New Zealand Skeptic Uses Newspaper to Mislead about Creation Museum

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In recent times, we’ve seen a number of anti-Christian “agenda-driven” articles written to intentionally mislead people concerning our Creation Museum. This doesn’t just happen in the USA—it’s even occurring in other countries around the world.

Last month, one such article appeared in The Dominion Post from New Zealand (August 17). The “reporter”/columnist Bob Brockie is described on Wikipedia as “a New Zealand cartoonist, scientist, columnist and graphic artist . . . . He has been a science columnist for Wellington’s Dominion Post since 2001 . . . . Brockie is a member of New Zealand Skeptics.”

Brockie’s page at the University of Wellington, Victoria states he is “an Honorary Research Associate” (whatever that means). Although he has this page on the university website, he is not listed in the staff directories (as best as we can determine) and his only “membership” is with the N.Z. Skeptics Society. He lists no other scientific organization membership.

I have reproduced his article below with some comments (marked “KH”) in regard to the several untruths he has stated:

Out of the Ark View a Worry, by Bob Brockie WORLD OF SCIENCE
Ken Ham is an evangelising Christian, who raised US$27 million to build the Creation Museum in Kentucky two years ago.
KH: It should be noted that although I am the CEO of the Creation Museum and AiG ministry, the organization is controlled by a board of directors (to whom I am accountable—I am not on the board). The museum was supported prayerfully and financially by thousands of Christians who stand with AiG and the message of the museum. Actually, the person who was technically in charge of the fund raising for the Creation Museum at the time was Mark Looy—AiG’s CCO.
The museum’s mission is to “Exalt Jesus Christ and to equip Christians to better evangelise the lost”. His flash museum claims to reveal the truth about the world’s creation 6000 years ago, and how the theory of evolution has corrupted civil society. Mr Ham’s 24/7 radio and TV stations further spread the message.”
KH: 1. We do not own any radio or TV stations. We do have a 90-second radio program that is on approximately 800 Christian radio stations five days a week. Along with other AiG speakers, I am interviewed on radio programs quite often. AiG also provides some DVDs for a small number of Christian television outlets (e.g., the NRB Channel).

2. AiG has never stated that the “theory of evolution has corrupted civil society.” AiG has always blamed sin for any corruption that has occurred. Of course, the teaching of atheistic evolution has led many astray and been a major factor on why many reject the Bible as God’s infallible Word. Evolution can fuel racism, for example—but we don’t say it causes it.

Since the museum’s opening, hordes of visitors have seen tableaus of Noah and his life-sized ark, Cain and his sister peopling the Earth, the Fall, the Advent of Sin, Pain, Childbirth and Death, and 70 animatronic dinosaurs and tigers cavorting with humans in the Garden of Eden, plus videos and lectures dissing Darwin.
KH: 1. There is no “life-sized” Ark at the Creation Museum—but the Ark exhibit features a life-size section of 1% of the Ark so people can get the idea of the size of this great vessel.

2. Genesis 5:4 teaches that Adam had “other sons and daughters.” So, it is obvious that the earth was populated by many children Adam and Eve had.

3. There are only 4 (not 70) animatronic dinosaurs at the Creation Museum. There are a few other life-size dinosaur models (and casts) in the dinosaur exhibit areas. And the cat kind (they are not tigers) is represented in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve.

Thousands of outraged scientists, rationalists, atheists, teachers and several Nobel prizewinners have denounced the museum for its scientific inaccuracies and labelled the place an educational travesty and childlike Fantasyland.
KH: I have never seen such comments from “thousands of outraged scientists.” Certainly, there have been many such comments on the Internet—and certainly the majority of scientists reject God’s Word in Genesis. However, there are numerous PhD scientists who also support the Creation Museum.
Kentucky and its neighbouring states are home to various scientific societies - all embarrassed at having the Creation Museum in their midst.
KH: Secular organizations that reject the Bible certainly oppose the Creation Museum—that should not be suprising. Keep in mind some of these organizations are not “scientific societies,” but atheist groups.
After fruitlessly wringing their hands for a couple of years, the societies have recently adopted another strategy. To break the serious tone of their annual meetings, groups of scientists and rationalists visit the museum for light-hearted entertainment. Seventy members of the North American Paleontologists Convention visited the museum recently. Most of them were speechless with disbelief and had trouble stifling laughs or tears at the ludicrous displays. Two weeks ago, 280 members of the Secular Student Alliance visited the museum. They tried to keep straight faces but an edgy security guard threw some of them out because he didn’t like their demeanor.
KH: “Some of them” were thrown out? One (and only one) of the atheist group members was escorted out of the museum for improper conduct. Even the head of the secular student group that sponsored this tour complimented AiG and its security team for the way their visit was handled.
But Ken Ham is impervious to sceptics, scientific challenges, ridicule, mockery, or public outrage. He is stoked to see his museum booming and being imitated round the world - even in New Zealand.
KH: Again, it is not Ken Ham’s museum! The Creation Museum is owned by a non-profit organization controlled by a board of directors and supported by many thousands of Christians.
Yes, we have our Aotearoa Creation Museum 30 minutes’ drive north of Dunedin. Like the Kentucky museum, ours affirms the truth of the Bible, claims to demonstrate the failings of many faulty “scientific” notions and asserts that Darwinism undermines the foundations of civil society. Our museum is a modest imitation of the Kentucky fantasmagoria with static displays in old-fashioned glass cases, plenty of rocks all formed 6000 years ago or during Noah’s Flood but no animatronic dinosaurs or life-sized ark. Nonetheless, visiting children can literally don the helmet of Salvation, the breastplate of Righteousness, wield the sword of God’s Truth, and learn to challenge their science teachers. It’s easy to dismiss these places as fantasy worlds of a risible lunatic fringe. But half the population of the United States and one in three Kiwis share Ken Ham’s scientific untruths and preposterous view of world history. It’s a worry.
KH: It is not Ken Ham’s “preposterous view of world history.” It is what the Bible clearly teaches concerning the history of the universe and the gospel of Jesus Christ, as millions of other Christians also believe.

We have seen a lot of this anti-Christian reporting lately. Do these columnists/reporters deliberately lie, or is it just poor research or misunderstanding—or all three? The more I read these articles, the more I’m convinced that much is being written to deliberately deceive and try to throw “mud” to undermine the integrity of those involved in the Creation Museum.

But, we praise the Lord that the Creation Museum is having such an impact that secularists like this are worried about the impact it is having—so worried they make up stories to try to discredit! If Mr. Brockie is truly a scientist, then his research abilities are simply atrocious—but then again, we shouldn’t be surprised at such poor research—and misleading and untrue statements—given he is a member of the New Zealand Skeptics Society

Furthermore, the Dominion Post editor should be embarrassed by publishing such poorly researched, false, and misleading piece.


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