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At the end of this week, I will be flying to Japan to speak six times Friday and Saturday. This visit is under the auspices of AiG’s Worldwide division and is for the purpose of taping and producing videos of our lectures in the Japanese language. Dr. David Crandall (director of the AiG Worldwide division) is also traveling to Japan for this special event.

Here are three PowerPoint slides especially prepared for the trip—out of hundreds of slides that we have specially created for this outreach to Japan:

Slide Slide Slide

Each year we try to visit one country for the express purpose of having a number of our basic presentations translated into the native language of that country. In a few days, I will try to send some photographs (assuming good Internet access) and reports on the conference.

We now have sets of DVDs in the following languages:

  • Spanish
  • Chinese (Mandarin)
  • the Indian languages of Telugu and Hindi
  • Japanese later this year

Please pray for these lectures in Japan. You can find out more information from AiG's event calendar.

The Book of James . . . from Memory

Last April, some of our AiG staff and 60 supporters took a wonderful 14-day tour of Israel and Jordan. For one of the special evenings in Jerusalem, Tom Meyer—who has been a student in Israel for 2–3 years but is originally from America—gave a stirring recital of the entire book of Revelation . . . from memory! It took him almost 90 minutes to do!

That evening in Israel, the land of the Bible, was so moving that we made sure we extended an invitation to Tom right there that if he ever came to our Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area, we would love to have him recite Scripture in front of our staff. On Monday, Tom spoke—from memory—the entire book of James. To find out more about Tom, go to his website.

Tom Meyers

Remarkably, while touring our Creation Museum, Tom ran into a former classmate of his at Jerusalem University College (also known as the Institute of Holyland Studies)—small world! By the way, info on this fascinating school (AiG’s Mark Looy toured the campus—located on Mt. Zion—back in 1983 and thought seriously of enrolling) can be found on their website.

Tom must have used the word “phenomenal” four or five times to describe the Creation Museum. He told us that the quality of the museum and its exhibits were higher than he ever expected.

From the Heart of Texas

Tommy and Carolyn Walden lead a creation ministry in Abilene, Texas—west of Dallas. In the photo you can see Tommy speaking to our staff last week about the Discovery Center. Then you can see the Waldens, along with their grandchildren—and a friend and volunteer, David (a retired pastor from New York)—posing at our Foto FX area.

Walden Visit Walden Visit Walden Visit

Find out more about their Discovery Center and R.O.D.N.I.E. the Robot—and listen to their radio spots—at the Discovery Center website.


Inside of us

(1 Thessalonians 4:8) God, who hath also given unto us his Holy Spirit.

We are amazed that the Father continues to give to live inside of us His Holy Spirit to help us in every step of life’s challenges to be like the Lord Jesus Christ.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,

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