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You Think You’ve Heard It All . . . Till the ABC . . .

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An article that appeared on the ABC News web site (as well as other sites), in reporting on the recent atheist group visit of the Creation Museum, made some startling statements about what the Creation Museum supposedly teaches:

Exhibits in the Creation Museum, which cost $27 million to build and opened in May, 2007, present a history of the world based on literal interpretations of the Book of Genesis. Adam and Eve share the Garden of Eden with dinosaurs; the beaks of Darwin's finches are explained by God's will, not evolution; and mankind spread from continent to continent by walking across the floating trunks of trees knocked down during the Biblical Flood.

We do have replicas of Darwin’s Finches in the exhibit on Natural Selection where we discuss genetics and speciation, not God’s will!!—and we do talk about floating log mats after the Flood, but certainly nothing about “mankind spread from continent by walking across the floating trunks of trees knocked down during the Biblical Flood.”

Sometimes I wonder if the writer has just heard distorted information from others, has read information too quickly and just jumps to conclusions or just makes it up to try to make the Creation Museum (and those behind it) sound ridiculous!

Just another reminder to always be careful when reading news reports on the printed page or the web!

We found out later that the author of this poorly written article was an individual we mentioned in yesterday’s blog and who was here during the atheists’ visit; we wrote: “There was someone who stated that he was with the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, but since he could not produce credentials, not even a business card (he then acknowledged he was a free-lancer), we just gave him our prepared statement.” By the way, it is common courtesy among working journalists to let an attraction know of their presence ahead of time (in fact, many times a reporter will call us early in the morning and say they wish to visit later that day and write a story, and apologize for the last-minute notice). You see, if this writer would have called us, we could have checked out his credentials and then given him the opportunity to interview one of our staff scientists.  If he had followed the natural protocol for journalists and would have interviewed us, he may not have made his mistakes; if he was confused about anything in the museum (and he clearly was), an interview might have cleared things up for him.

Here are links where this news report appeared—oh, and I challenge the author of this article to document the absurd statements about finches and floating logs!!!:

WATCH Conference

Yesterday was the final day for the WATCH (Home Educators) conference in the Seattle, Washington, area.  It was encouraging to have so many people give testimony of how the ministry of AiG is being used in families to help raise a godly generation.  I’ve included some photographs taken Friday, including one of me and Diana Waring (author of the history curricula sold by AiG, and who is the wife of the President of the Home Educators group), and one of the Bluegrass music  family who performed an outdoor concert.

Today I am speaking five times at Antioch Bible Church in Kirkland, Washington.

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