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It seems no matter what complaining people write about concerning our Creation Museum, these humanists just can’t help themselves—they just have to have a go at us. It must really get under their skin that Christians, in this era of increasing hatred against the God of creation and His Word, are boldly proclaiming the truth of God’s Word through such a visible place as the Creation Museum. In an article yesterday on a website run by a Billy Reed, who describes himself as “… longtime Kentucky-based newspaper columnist, magazine writer, radio talk-show host and guest, TV commentator, political pundit, communications specialist, public speaker, and book author,” the writer was moaning about gambling money going to Indiana instead of Kentucky and issues concerning horse racing. He was complaining about politicians and the need for tourist dollars in Kentucky—but then in a paragraph towards the end of the article states this:

Why, heck, if Kingfish David [a prominent politician in our state] gets his way in the special session, there ought to be a parade right down the main street of Burkesville. The theme would be “Celebrate Kentucky’s Ignorance,” and you can imagine the floats: A big one from the Creation Museum …
He just couldn’t help himself. Even though the Creation Museum brings several millions of tourist dollars into the state each year according to our regional visitors bureau (people have been pouring in—nearly 2000 yesterday; big crowds expected today: they come day after day, stay in local hotels, go to local restaurants etc), because it stands for biblical truth, the writer would obviously rather it see this museum go away and lose all the tourist dollars!! No, he is really advocating that it would be much better to build casinos and more slot machines, and have more gambling (that can destroy people’s lives) than allow a Creation Museum!!

Anti-Creation Website Confirms Book Research

An anti-creation website has published an article attacking the recently released book Already Gone (which is quickly becoming a bestseller—it’s in its third printing in less than three weeks). Once again, as is often the case with our books, it appears the author (Greg Neyman) of the article hasn’t read the book and considered the serious research conducted by a very respected marketing research company (America’s Research Group). The article states:

While obviously written from a young earth perspective, it falsely puts the blame on compromising Christians. In reality, the reason people leave the church is not because of compromise, but because of the teachings of young earth creationists. If Ham wants to see why people are leaving the church, he needs to look in the mirror. The message of young earth creationism (YEC) is that the Bible teaches the earth was created in a six day period (24-hour days), 6,000 years ago. However, science affirms that this is not true. The YEC message to our youth is that either 6,000 years is correct (and the Bible is right), or it isn't (and the Bible is wrong). When youth look at science, and determine that the earth is old, they have a choice ... either YEC is right, or science is right, but not both. So they leave the church.
1. We had a research group conduct a national survey of 1,000 people in their 20s who no longer attend an evangelical church and analyze the results—the author of this article is just shooting from the hip and does NOT refer to any research he has done or has found re the claims made against Already Gone! It seems a number of such people just ignore the research (and probably haven’t even read the book), but just attack because they can’t stand the statistically valid results that cannot be ignored! “Don’t confuse me with the facts” seems to be the mantra of such people.

2. If you note what this person is saying, in a sense, he is really confirming the book’s research. On the one hand he says it is because of the teaching of a young earth that people leave the church (which is NOT what the research found), but says it is because when people (like him) teach an old earth, that because these young people in the church have been taught a young earth (by people like AiG), then they leave the church. Actually, if any person just reads the Bible in Genesis in a straightforward way (as these young people will do), they recognize the Bible does not teach millions of years. So, when a church does compromise with millions of years, the young people recognize the conflict and thus realize they can’t trust the Bible. This was found by our research to be one of the factors as to why these young people begin questioning the Bible and ultimately leave the church. So, in that sense, what this author says is correct—because of the teaching of old earth, young people see the conflict with the Bible—this was certainly one of the factors that undermined biblical authority in young people’s minds, as our research showed.

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