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Peter Singer, professor of bioethics at Princeton University, has publicly cried out against Answers in Genesis. Let me give you some background first:

Recently, I wrote a couple of blog items making reference to the beliefs/teachings of animal rights activist, Peter Singer. For instance, Singer was quoted in Christianity Today as saying:

My colleague Helga Kuhse and I suggest that a period of 28 days after birth might be allowed before an infant is accepted as having the same right to life as others.
The article continues:
Singer argues that even pigs, chickens, and fish have more signs of consciousness and rationality—and, consequently, a greater claim to rights—than do fetuses, newborn infants, and people with mental disabilities. “Rats are indisputably more aware of their surroundings, and more able to respond in purposeful and complex ways to things they like or dislike, than a fetus at 10- or even 32-weeks gestation. . . . The calf, the pig, and the much-derided chicken come out well ahead of the fetus at any stage of pregnancy.”

[References to this article can be found in one of my previous blogs].

Peter Singer wrote an opinion piece recently in the The Jewish Daily Forward newspaper, making comments about the Obama administration and discussing making changes to tax deductibility for charities. Singer stated:
President Obama’s proposal to reduce the tax deductions enjoyed by wealthy individuals who give to charity has led to a predictable wave of protest from the philanthropic sector . . . .
Singer later states:
I’m not religious, and I don’t see why people should pay less in taxes because they give to their church, synagogue or mosque. No doubt some religious organizations do some good, but others definitely don’t. To give just one example, no desirable public purpose is served by Answers in Genesis, a Kentucky-based charity that upholds the literal truth of the first book of the Bible and seeks, in its own words, “to expose the bankruptcy of evolutionary ideas, and its bedfellow, a ‘millions of years old’ earth (and even older universe).” Let’s be clear: If donations to Answers in Genesis are tax deductions, then all the rest of us American taxpayers have to pay more for the government services we need. Why should taxpayers be subsidizing such absurdities?
Then Singer, an ardent atheistic evolutionist who has no respect for human life in the womb (or out of the womb, for that matter, as per the above quote), also, totally inconsistently, goes on to state:
In my new book I point out that, according to UNICEF, 27,000 children under 5 die every day around the world from avoidable, poverty-related causes. That’s an emergency that we ought to be doing much more to prevent. If Obama were to increase the tax deduction for donations aimed specifically at reducing that terrible death toll, and the extreme poverty that causes it, I’d applaud.
Now, I contend that in making such a statement, Singer has to borrow from Christian presuppositions to insist we care for such people! But atheistic evolutionists cannot be totally consistent with their own presuppositions; to do so would destroy the foundation for any purpose and meaning in life. You can read the entire article at this link:

Scientist Surprised by Church Reaction

It seems amazing that it is so, but we’ve experienced it many many times over the years (and continue to experience it). We often find scientists who believe the Bible in Genesis as AiG does, and yet in churches, the average person (including the majority of the church leaders) is so indoctrinated in evolutionary/millions of years propaganda, they almost find it incredulous that there are those who actually take Genesis as literal history—as it is meant to be taken (and is taken in the rest of Scripture by Jesus, Paul, etc.). A scientist friend of AiG wrote to us this past week:

I gave my first dinosaur talk at a church this past weekend. What an experience! People have such a hard time believing that they did not die out millions of years ago. It was like telling them that little green men from Mars are real. Almost everyone believed they died out millions of years ago.

I took a poll before my talk. Children told me that dinosaurs turned into birds, so they really did not go extinct. It was an eye-opening experience for me. They were just completely brainwashed. It is obvious why people have such a low view of Scripture.

However, I had older people come up to me teary eyed—thanking me for coming. They had never heard such things and had no idea that that stuff was in the Bible (Job 40). People were asking me questions (great Q&A session) about a good web page and how to get more information. I was a walking AiG advertisement.

Once again, it shows how great an apologetics mission field we have even in the church—let alone the rest of the world!

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