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We continually are amazed (and we praise the Lord for it) at the varied ways people describe their experience at the Creation Museum. This was one of those we had to share with you:

We took your advice and went to the Creation Museum for a short vacation last weekend. It was the second time my two young (homeschooled) sons and I have visited the museum and my husband's first time. To sum it up: We got a glimpse of heaven!
There is nothing like bathing yourself in the truth of God’s Word for six hours as you visit the story of our world from creation to consummation! The museum is first class in everything it does—from the planetarium to the videos to the animatronics. My husband commented how joyful the visitors appeared and how polite everyone was to each other. Children and adults were kind, courteous and the museum workers so helpful. We loved the petting zoo, the suspension bridge, and the gorgeous gardens which were new since the last time we visited the museum.
Thanks for suggesting such a great place for a vacation. Both of my children thanked us for taking them to the museum, and both learned so much truth that will impact their lives into adulthood. While I know the Creation Museum pales in comparison to heaven, it did give us a glimpse of what it might be like to be around beautiful people, sound doctrine, and the Word of God. Everyone who calls Jesus their Savior should partake in the rich blessings the Creation Museum has to offer!

Fantastic Experience

It was thrilling and encouraging for us to read the blog entry from two of the recent International Training Seminar (ITS) participants here at Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum for several days of intensive training—who came all the way from Malaysia:
20 March 2009—This is a pivotal date for my wife and I as we stepped onto Korean Air headed for Cincinnati Airport for a week's worth of training with a Creation Apologetics Ministry—ANSWERS IN GENESIS . . . .

Besides spending our 13th Wedding Anniversary (23 March) enjoying real American Ice-Cream (thanks to Dr.Crandall and his team), this training has expanded our view on the critical importance of developing a Biblical Worldview in all areas—especially in domains where the opinion of man has superseded the authority of God’s Word. We are now so excited about home schooling our two daughters in subjects of science and history from the God’s perspective!

Also, we look forward to working with Christian families who desire to provide real answers to the next generation who is growing up in an ever increasing skeptical, humanistic and anti-God world.

We thank God for the generosity of Mr.Ken Ham, Dr.Crandall and the ANSWERS IN GENESIS team for organizing this training. The friendship with fellow believers from Australia, India, Russia, Moldova, Egypt, Scotland, Hungary and Portugal really made this a fantastic experience for my wife and me.

You can read their blog item and see a great photograph at:


Quickly responds with a welcome

(Mark 5:36) As soon as Jesus heard the word that was spoken, he said unto the ruler of the synagogue, Be not afraid, only believe.

Some say it is useless to pray when the problem seems hopeless, but the Lord Jesus Christ quickly responds at that time with a welcome to trouble him in prayer.

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