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We read many interesting items in emails and on the web each day. One of our staff came across this ridiculous quote in an article on the web:

They teach that in order to be a Christian and go to Heaven, one has to reject evolution and believe the lies Ham, John Morris, Kent Hovind, Buddy Davis, and other creationists tell in the name of God.

Anyone with a very basic understanding of Christianity and the Bible knows that to go to heaven, one must be born again. Romans 10:9 makes it clear that it is faith in Christ that saves!

Why do some people make false claims like this about us? Then again, why should we be surprised when the above quote comes from a person who also writes:

Stupid Dinosaurs in Creationist La La Land is inspired by all of the Pseudo-dragons Ken Ham of “Answers” in Genesis has in his creation “museum” which I’d rather prefer to call a “Crackhouse” because it’s a place that sells destructive addictive drugs in form of creationism to hapless people who wastes $20.00 just to see this La La Land Ham created out of a piece of land in Kentucky. This is the La La Land of Bible Distortions, Hypocrisy, Science Fiction, Ignorance, Lies, Hatred, Fear, and Slander crawling with stupid dinosaurs made by creationists out of sheer ignorance of the real dinosaurs reconstructed and restored by authentic professional paleontologists like Paul Sereno and Xu Xing based on actual studies of their fossil and bone structure.

This comes from a blogger site called stupid dinosaur lies.

Well—as I’ve said many times before—at least it is publicity for us! Sad to see the typical personal attacks and the distortions and outright untruths from those who oppose our ministry. But that’s what one has to do when there is no logic or science they can use to undermine the truth of God’s Word!

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