Does Your Brain Create God?

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It’s the year of Darwin! Because of his 200th birthday next Thursday, secularists are promoting evolution in a big way. There has been a plethora of articles pushing evolution to the public—take this one from New Scientist, that states:

It turns out that human beings have a natural inclination for religious belief, especially during hard times. Our brains effortlessly conjure up an imaginary world of spirits, gods and monsters, and the more insecure we feel, the harder it is to resist the pull of this supernatural world. It seems that our minds are finely tuned to believe in gods.
Religious ideas are common to all cultures: like language and music, they seem to be part of what it is to be human. Until recently, science has largely shied away from asking why…The origin of religious belief is something of a mystery, but in recent years scientists have started to make suggestions. One leading idea is that religion is an evolutionary adaptation that makes people more likely to survive and pass their genes onto the next generation.
Well it is true that religious ideas, belief in a higher power, etc., are common to all cultures, and evolutionists are desperately trying to explain this. However, the answer is simple—and it comes from the Bible. The New Living Translation (actually a paraphrase/commentary) puts it this way from Romans 1:19:
For the truth about God is known to them instinctively. God has put this knowledge in their hearts.
Yes the knowledge of God is in our hearts—we all know there is a God—and have a conscience that God put there. But as Romans 1 also tells us, people “suppress the truth in unrighteousness.” These secularists shake their fists at God—they want an evolutionary explanation because they don’t want to acknowledge they should be in submission to their Creator. They don’t want to acknowledge they are sinners in need of salvation.

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Well it was a very rainy night in Southern California and it made the already-congested freeways even more clogged and difficult to get around, but people still poured (excuse the pun!) into the auditorium at Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa for the first evening of the Answers for Darwin conference. I will bring you a more detailed report tomorrow. Thank you for praying for these conferences. In a few days, we’ll be in Lynchburg , Virginia, for another free Answers for Darwin conference – the East Coast version.


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