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As I wrote yesterday on this blog, this is a Bible-upholding ministry which gets its share of criticism. It can be instructive as to a real understanding of the true nature of the opposition to a ministry that proclaims biblical truths in an increasingly secular world–a part of two worldviews in conflict.

First, it’s now becoming the story that won’t go away: the famous Cincinnati Zoo admits that it goofed when it decided to join our museum in a joint promotional effort last month that allowed visitors to attend the zoo and our museum for a discount. This was an effort to get families out to both places to enjoy the Christmas festivities of each place (just about 30 minutes from each other).

The business relationship (lasting about two days) came to a screeching halt when hundreds of humanists contacted the zoo (hundreds of emails, phone calls, letters) to express their outrage that the zoo would have any affiliation with our museum, including during Christmas when both facilities hold special holiday attractions (well, for us, it is what we would call “Christmas” activities as opposed to simply “holiday” events). See here for more.

As a result of all this flak and the ending of the joint promotion after only two days, a prominent national travel group ended its conversations with our museum staff last month about a possible arrangement where our Creation Museum would be given a higher profile in one of its travel guides, along with a museum discount if a visitor presents their membership card. Here is what we heard from this particular travel organization:

From: KXXXXX To: John Eytchison, Creation Museum Subject: RE: Creation Museum

Hi John,

Unfortunately, I think [official’s name deleted] is just too leery after the incident with the Cincinnati Zoo to bring in the consignment tickets. [Name of travel org. withheld] used to sponsor a NASCAR race car and believe it or not, there were a couple members who actually dropped their memberships because of that affiliation–one which is a perfect fit for [name of travel org]. I think she’s afraid of putting something out there that has the possibility of causing a stir among some members at this time. . . .

I’m sorry things have not worked out, but I do wish your museum success and I hope that you have a Merry Christmas.



Another So-Called “Goof”

Now here is an email from someone with supposed academic credentials. He left this “scholarly” feedback on our website:
title: BS, Chemistry & Biology, MS Chemical Oceanography

name: Joseph


You folks are so stupid. Have you ever read anything by Dawkins or Mayr? I am a teacher and I would stake my life on the scientific principles of Darwin. I will resist with every fiber of my being to dispel this myth of god and some foolish interpretation of creation by some “supernatural” being.

Why cannot life exist without some purpose or reason as to why? What is so wrong with that simple FACT? I am amazed that goofs like Ham can exist in this age.


No autopilot

(1 Chronicles 22:19) Now set your heart and your soul to seek the LORD your God.

A sailboat doesn’t sail itself; sails must be set to catch the wind. We have no autopilot; we daily set our heart & soul by keeping purposeful devotion times with God.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,


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