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Tomorrow, as Christmas Eve, is a holiday for AiG staff; however, we decided to keep the Creation Museum open from 10 am to 3 pm and make it FREE for the community. This special gift to our tristate area is to remind people that God gave us the most valuable gift of all—His Son. By offering the Creation Museum FREE to the public, we want to remind visitors of the greatest gift of all—the gift of salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ.

Thousands Attend Christmas Celebration

Many thousands of people have now visited the Creation Museum Live Nativity and Road to Bethlehem program over the few nights it has been featured.

Last night, because of the brutal cold temperatures, the program is being moved inside the Creation Museum Portico and Main Hall. Even though the entire program could not go ahead as planned, it was still a spectacular event, and visitors were thrilled the AiG staff went to extraordinary lengths to enable the Christmas Celebration to still be available for those who attended.

I do sincerely thank all the AiG staff who jumped in to do all sorts of extra things—like build special pens to house some animals in the Main Hall of the Museum. I believe this is the first time two sheep and a donkey have visited the Main Hall.

Here are some photographs taken last night of the actors for the program:

Roman soldiers Mary and Joseph Tax collector Shepherd

People could still enjoy the spectacular Christmas lights in the gardens by viewing them through the windows in the Portico—although a few souls did brave the elements to walk through the gardens! Here are some photographs of the Christmas lights in the Museum gardens:

Museum lightsMuseum lightsMuseum lights

The Live Nativity and Road to Bethlehem Christmas Celebration will be featured again Tuesday evening from 6 pm to 8 pm (inside the Museum once again if the cold weather—and forecast rain—continues. The program will again feature for the next two Friday and Saturday evenings. Go to the Creation Museum website for more information.


He became our God when

(1 Chronicles 17:22) For thy people Israel didst thou make thine own people for ever; and thou, LORD, becamest their God.

The Lord Jesus Christ became our God when He sought us by coming for us, justified us by dying for us, cleansed us by shedding His blood, and then adopted us.

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