Universal Ancestors—Go Back Only 5,000 Years

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A fascinating article from the UK's Telegraph newspaper—reporting on genetics research in regard to how related all human beings are—states:

To get to the universal ancestors (when everyone was the forefather of everybody alive today, or of nobody) we need go back only 5,000 years. Had you entered any village on Earth, the first person you met would, if he or she had heirs, trace their descent straight to you and your partner.
Considering the human population started with 8 people just under 4,500 years ago (at the end of the Flood), and only six thousand years ago when the first two humans existed—it is fascinating to read this article that teaches that humans are all related and our ancestors lived only a few thousand years ago.

The article makes it clear that all humans are related (and of course that is true because we are all descendants of Adam and Eve—there is only one biological race of humans). This research certainly doesn’t prove the Bible’s history is true—but it certainly fits with biblical history, thus confirming once again the trustworthy historicity of God’s Word.

You can read the entire article at: View from the lab: Incest

The Big Freeze

Well—a blast of Arctic air is hitting the area where we live (both today and tomorrow). Temperatures were around 4 degrees Fahrenheit this morning, with windchill temperatures far below this! It is COLD. That means we can’t have the Creation Museum Live Nativity outside for tonight (and possibly tomorrow night)—so the staff have worked out a way of still going ahead with the Live Nativity and Road to Bethlehem programs in the Portico of the Museum where it will be nice and warm. So, you can still come to the Christmas Celebration program Monday and Tuesday evening. For further information on other dates for the Christmas Celebration, go to the Creation Museum website.

Remember, the museum—located near Cincinnati—is within a day's drive of almost 2/3 of the U.S. population (i.e., about 190 million Americans—and millions of Canadians—live within 650 miles of us).

Answers Academy—“Just What We Needed”

Here is a great testimony received recently:
I graduated in 2008 from a private Christian high school in PA. We used answers academy in our bible class for a term and later took a field trip to the newly constructed museum. I loved the series! I felt that it was just what we needed to be able to intelligently rebut those that believe in evolution—it was eye opening and concreted my already stable faith. Thank you so much for creating Answers in Genesis!!!
You can find out how to obtain a copy of the Answers Academy at the Answers Bookstore.

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