Christmas Celebration Spectacular

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Today I walked through the Creation Museum workshop and art room and took photographs of a number of the props already finished or being prepared for the Christmas Celebration (called Bethlehem’s Blessings) at the Creation Museum that begins this Friday.

  1. There will be a live nativity from 2:00 p.m. until closing from Friday, December 12, through January 3.
  2. Each Friday and Saturday evening (and on two other dates—see special calendar on Creation Museum website) you can visit the “Roman Road”—Roman soldiers, other actors and special props on the “Road to Bethlehem” (where one will encounter the live nativity). This is a spectacular Christmas event.
Here is a collection of some of the photos I took today:

The first one is of sculptor Jessie Pie preparing the manger for the live nativity.


The rest of the photos are of costumes and other items that will all be a part of this spectacular program:

img_1520_1.JPG    img_1524_1.JPG    img_1530_1.JPG

img_1511_1.JPG    img_1514_1.JPG    img_1518_1.JPG

img_1522_1.JPG    img_1527_1.JPG    img_1534_1.JPG

img_1540_1.JPG    img_1554_1.JPG

If an Ape Had Common Sense

Amidst the attacks and name calling from the atheists we have received recently (over the Cincinnati Zoo/Creation Museum controversy for example), it was good to receive a light-hearted, yet thought-provoking poem from a teenager who has been greatly influenced by the AiG ministry. I thought you would enjoy her poem!

Julie is 14 and a homeschooled high school freshman. She is the fourth of six children. She came to saving faith in Christ about two years ago. She likes to write poetry to express her thinking on different things. She wrote the “ape” poem on November 7, 2008, after seeing some of the philosophical problems with evolution. She used the “ape” motif as the vehicle of her thought. It wasn’t even a school assignment—it was simply one of those creative moments that happen to those who like to write.

Julie’s dad wrote:

Our first contact with AiG came about 13 years ago when a Sunday school teacher gave us the “Creation Gospel” cassette [featuring Buddy Davis], which our kids wore out. They basically know every song on that tape from memory. Since then, our family has used AiG materials frequently over the years, both in our homeschool classes and in questions that come up in everyday life. My wife, Nancy, has particularly found [The New Answers Book] and AiG Internet materials helpful as she has taught our children.
Here is a photograph of Julie, followed by her poem:


If an Ape had Common Sense

If an ape had common sense, He would sure be mad at man! “You think you evolved from me?!” he’d say. “That’s an insult to my clan!!

“I’m a peaceful fellow, see, I don’t go ‘round and pick fights. But you are constantly at war And demanding all your ‘rights’.

“I prefer to live my life In a quiet manner out of the way, While you build great huge cities That cause traffic and disarray.

“Now cities are not bad. of course, And it’s fine you have a lot. But do you see a resemblance here? I think NOT!

“Now let’s use your theories as evidence against you. You think I mutated to become like you? Well, if that were the case, Why didn’t the other apes mutate too?

“Obviously, only some of them would’ve changed, Because apes are still in existence. What, they just decided not to change? Or did they have a special kind of resistance?

“I think that is foolishness. It doesn’t make any sense. And to believe that theory, You’d have to ignore the evidence.

“Besides, if you really think you came from me, Why do you treat me like you do? I mean, really, who ever heard Of putting their ancestors in a zoo?!!

“The only reason you have this theory Is so you have no God to obey. But just by saying, ‘There’s no God’ You cannot make Him go away.

“He still is there, no matter what, And He’ll one day judge all men. He is the Creator of all things And you will know this then.”

I’m sure this is what an ape would say If he could possibly communicate. But he cannot, so the theories remain, And more and more lies men fabricate.

But God knew this would happen. He is not at all surprised. And men will one day know the truth. That exposes the lies they’ve devised.

Spurgeon Quote

I love the sermons and writings of Charles Haddon Spurgeon—known as the Prince of Preachers.  I wanted to share with you a quote my mother came across from his Treasury of Davi’ and shared with me yesterday. It is very appropriate given the many sorts of attacks we receive at AiG:
Notes from Psalm 109, verse 31:
“For he shall stand at the right hand of the poor.” God will not be absent when his people are on their trial; he will hold a brief for them and stand in court as their advocate, prepared to plead on their behalf. How different is this from the doom of the ungodly who has Satan at his right hand (verse 6). “To save him from those that condemn his soul.” The court only met as a matter of form, the malicious had made up their minds to the verdict, they judged him guilty, for their hate condemned him, yes, they pronounced sentence of damnation upon the very soul of their victim; but what mattered it? The great King was in court, and their sentence was turned against themselves. Nothing can more sweetly sustain the heart of a slandered believer than the firm conviction that God is near to all who are wronged, and is sure to work out their salvation. O Lord, save us from the severe trial of slander; deal in they righteousness with all those who spitefully assail the characters of holy men, and cause all who are smarting under calumny and reproach to come forth unsullied from the affliction, even as did thine only-begotten Son.


Indirectly condemn

(Hebrews 11:7) By faith Noah, being warned of God of things not seen as yet, moved with fear, prepared an ark to the saving of his house; by the which he condemned the world, and became heir of the righteousness which is by faith.

When we openly tell others that we fled to the Lord Jesus Christ to be saved from our sins and hell, we indirectly condemn those who refuse God’s salvation.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,


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