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My 80-year-old mother in Australia sent me an email this week to tell me how various AiG resources are being used to minister to people in Australia. She wrote:

I keep in touch with a lady from a family you know from years ago. She lives in Adelaide—we ring each other up—we have always kept in contact. Her husband has some sort of sickness like your brother Robert had, so I sent her your book ‘How could a loving God?’ She read it that afternoon, and like me cried her way through it. She is now passing it on to another friend that just lost her son.

I also sent her my Answers magazine, as her 14 year old grand son is very interested in Genesis. He is in grade 8 and had to write about their favorite book. He wrote that Genesis is his favorite book in the Bible. To cut a long story short she is now ordering the Answers magazine for him. I am so thrilled. She sent me a copy of what he wrote about Genesis. I also sent her a copy of the Genesis of a Legacy book. She loved it and treasures it.

I think you can tell my mum is committed to the AiG ministry and AiG message!

Whether you are in Australia or other countries, you can obtain a subscription to Answers magazine through the AiG website at this link.

Also, AiG ships resources from its Answers Bookstore anywhere in the world.

Our Dinosaurs Don’t Go South for the Winter

I encourage you to look at all the happenings at the Creation Museum in October. You can obtain information from the Creation Museum website. I have also enclosed scans of a flyer we are sending out that details the October programs:

october-events-1 october-events-2

Grand Rapids AiG Conference

Today I am speaking at a Christian leaders' breakfast, and a Christian businessmen’s luncheon as a lead-up to a major AiG conference in November in Grand Rapids, Michigan. You can find out more information about this upcoming AiG conference in Michigan by going to AiG’s events page.



(Acts 7:2) And he said, Men, brethren, and fathers, hearken; The God of glory appeared unto our father Abraham, when he was in Mesopotamia, before he dwelt in Charran,

Oh, the wonder of it all—that we find the God of glory, even the Lord Jesus Christ to reveal Himself to us in His word.

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