Keep on Serving God Even When It’s Hard

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One of the thrilling things in our life is to unexpectedly receive a note, phone message, or email just to encourage us. This past week, we received a card addressed to my wife and me just to encourage us and tell us we are being prayed for. What a highlight this was for us. I have included a scan of the card for you to read and be encouraged also.



Today I will have spoken at the two morning services at Idlewild Baptist in Lutz (near Tampa), Florida. I will give you a report on this ministry tomorrow. Praise the Lord for the pastors who understand the importance of the AiG ministry and allow us the privilege to speak to their congregations.


Pray for AiG speaker Dr. Terry Mortenson as he ministers in Hungary, Serbia, and Holland over the next several days. Here is a report from Terry on his coming ministry:
September 22-October 6 I will be in Europe speaking on creation. The first 4 days I will speak in Hungary 6 times to various age groups at an International Christians school, 9 times to a conference of missionaries from many Eastern European countries, and once or twice to Hungarian audiences (through translation). Then Sept 27-28 my host will drive me to Serbia where I will speak many times in one or more Slovak churches.
On Sept 29 I fly to Holland where I will speak 17 times during the week in many cities in churches, Christian schools, and seminaries and Bible colleges as well as having 2 interviews with Christian newspapers. There are very few young-earth creationists in the churches of Holland so pray for God's truth to make a huge impact.
Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying


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