Spyder Meets Dinosaur!

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One of AiG’s friends is a distributor for the fascinating, relatively new three-wheeled Spyder motorcycle. We are always happy to display something unique like this for visitors to the Creation Museum.


I took my wife Mally to see the Spyder today and told her that’s what we need to get so we can spend some time riding through the countryside to get fresh air and relax. I’m not sure she agreed with that! The last time I rode a motorbike (but it only had two wheels) was over thirty years ago. I came off on a gravel road and broke both bones in my leg at ankle level—it was two years before I could walk without a walking stick. Of course it all happened because of sin—original sin!

Urgent Prayer Needed for India

I’m not sure how many of you are aware of the intense persecution against Christians going on in one of the states in India. We have had various communications from missionaries and Indian citizens about the terrible situation.

Here are some excerpts from different communications we’ve received:

. . . turmoil in Orissa (same state where Australian missionary Graham Staines was murdered a few years ago—he and his two young sons were burned alive in their vehicle while their murderers watched) and there is a state-wide strike in protest of a Hindu leader who was murdered by the Maoists. But the blame came on Christians and scores of Baptist, Catholic, Gospel for Asia, and Pentecostal churches are burnt down and attacked . . . friends in World Vision were beaten up and their office was ransacked and many fled into the jungle to hide.
Many have lost their beloved ones, their house has been looted and ransacked, villages after villages have been burnt down. Their only crime was they were Christians. Thousands of Christians have nothing left to them except the clothes they are wearing. Only Red Cross has been allowed to enter into some places. I just can't imagine that I will start and end a day with my Bible, that was the first thing they burned: crosses and Bibles from Christian homes. A . . . professor from Serampore College, his brother, and nephew were slaughtered into 15 pieces. This was in the national news this evening, I couldn’t have my dinner properly. Their face comes in my memory. . . . Will you please please pray?
Having been to India recently, my heart certainly goes out to these people. The culture shock of seeing this third world country firsthand (and I certainly did not see the worst of it by any means) gave me a much greater appreciation for the missionaries who live there. Please pray for this situation.

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