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We have certainly been so blessed with all the positive feedback from AiG's first (and very popular) Vacation Bible School (VBS) program—Amazon Expedition. We received a letter recently telling us about a penny offering that raised over $450 for the AiG Creation Museum. The letter stated:

Enclosed is our donation for the Creation Museum in the amount of $466.20. Our Vacation Bible School had a "Penny Offering" contest between the girls and the boys. This donation is the final tally for one week’s worth of pennies. Approximately 35 kids participated in our program this year. We pray that it can be put to good use spreading the "TRUTH" about dinosaurs and creation through the Word of God.
I have included scans of the letter showing the signatures of the students (and teachers).

vbs-thanks-1 VBS-thanks-2

AiG is thrilled to announce that the VBS for 2009, Operation Space, is currently at the printers. This will be another fantastic apologetics program for kids.


Read this response from my recent speaking ministry in Jacksonville, Florida:

WOW....!!! What a blessing and encouragement it was to have been with you folks here in Jacksonville [at the First Baptist Church]. You will never know how much you have helped me, my family and thousands of other folks with your clear presentations of the truth about God's design and the creation story. Thank you for your commitment to our LORD and HIS people. I've been praying for you and continue to thank God for HIS working through you. Please thank your family for me for allowing you to come and minister to us.

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