Tremendous Response in India

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On Friday night in Hyderabad, India, more than 800 people turned out for the first evening of the AiG conference (one that we are videotaping). One Bible college rented buses and brought their entire (150) student body. Other seminaries and Bible colleges brought their students. Many pastors/Christian leaders from across the country also came.

Here are just some of the highlights:

  1. It has been very rainy here, and the leaders of the church where we are holding the conference were worried about the rain—they prayed much that the rain wouldn't stop people from coming. They came by foot, motorcycle, bicycle, etc.—and the traffic is terrible. A lot of rain could have stopped a lot of people coming. What a praise point, though, when the rain held off until everyone was in the building—then the rain started (a torrential downfall!). On the way back to the hotel, there was water everywhere! We are praying the rain holds off again today (Saturday) so people can get to the final day of the conference (where I will give four talks).
  2. The talks are being translated into Telugu—and later in post-production, we will add Hindi. I have an excellent translator who understands the technical terms. He has worked with Ravi Zacharias Ministries and understands biblical apologetics! What a blessing to have such a translator.
  3. Electric power can be a problem here—there are power outages throughout the day, and the power is not consistent. Our video crew rented a big diesel generator—everything ran well and we pray this continues so we will have a great DVD product for India. Once the videos are produced, we will send masters to people across the country for them to duplicate as many as they want.
  4. Many people told me that creation-apologetic teaching is new to much of the church in India. Although prayer and the Bible are actually allowed in public schools, evolution/millions of years is taught just as it is everywhere else. The church by and large has not dealt with this issue. I had many responses last night from people telling me they had never heard such messages and how important this is for the church in India. Pastors/Christian leaders couldn't thank me enough.
  5. As well as the students and Christian leaders in attendance, a lot of the general church public turned out. Many were surprised at this, as they say it is normally the "intellectual types" that come to apologetics conferences. However, this shows the interest, hunger, and need for this teaching in the church in India. Many young people were so excited—they want to bring their friends back today.
Well, lots of blessings; we've also had lots of difficulties too. We could write a book about all this, but the Lord brought us all the right contacts or we would never have been able to fly over and conduct such a conference and videotape it. Please continue to pray for the outreach in India. I have included some photographs:
  1. The generator india-bus
  2. Cleaning the church yard before the conference India-woman
  3. Me with a man who has devoted himself full time to running a creation ministry in Calcutta—the only Creation Ministry in India we know of. Pray for him; I will write up more about his ministry later. ken-with-friend
  4. They gave us our name tags! ken-ham-with-paul-varnum
  5. Seven photographs showing the audience and our video crewvideo-crew video-monitors india-audience ken-on-screen tech-team ken-speaking india-audience-2


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A man’s honor and true greatness is determined by whether or not the Lord Jesus Christ is with him.

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