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It’s the 4th of July—and it is a wet day in the Greater Cincinnati area as storms and showers pass through! As a relatively new American citizen (all our immediate family are now dual citizens—both Australians and Americans), I was wondering what I should say on this special holiday in the USA. Then I received an email from one of our staff with a poem that says it all-- written by one of the young men working in Food Services (our various Cafés) at the Creation Museum for the summer. I trust you enjoy this:

Town Square by Zach Smith

I stand inside town square, Watching the people stare. Eyes transfixed, thoughts unknown As Old Glory flies alone. To them, she waves her hair, Thirteen strands--'O so fair. Her freckles shine like stars, Scattered across her scars. Her face is stained with tears, From wars throughout the years. Wrinkles rest on her brow. Now straining, she looks down. Weary from past troubles; Freedom is her struggle. Exhausted, her hair falls And rests upon the walls. It is mingled with blood From her brothers that could, And did give their own lives So Old Glory could fly, In America, where, People stand in town square


I received an interesting letter this week. I have enclosed a scan of this. The first part of the letter states:

Please hang these posters up on the wall of the “Museum” to show people both sides. If you don’t you are hiding info from the people there—which would make you a liar—which is a sin.

The person who wrote this (seems to be a young person by looking at the writing and how it was presented) then included a number of pages of supposed transitional forms and other evidence for evolution. I have included a scan of one of the pages.

tforms.JPG I sent a short letter to this person with a copy of AiG’s Evolution Exposed,—I pray this book is read and understood so that this person will not continue to be led astray by the false teachings of molecules-to-man evolution.


15,000 delegates came from public school districts all over the country to America’s capital city to conference at the annual NEA (National Education Association) meetings in Washington, D.C. This is the biggest such educators conference in the world—teachers, administrators and others from the public schools across America gathered for this time.

For more than ten years, AiG has been able to participate in a booth at this conference (something we praise the Lord for). This year, AiG staff once again organized this outreach to reach the public educators with the truth of God’s Word (many thanks to Tony Ramsek from the IT department).

AiG also had a delegation of workers and volunteers that came to the NEA convention with the message of hope through the authoritative Word of God. Working under a gigantic banner about the museum with a dinosaur on it that read “SOMETHING THIS BIG CANNOT BE IGNORED,” the team passed out literature and DVDs to hundreds and hundreds of teachers. Some received the materials with delight, others with skepticism and others with outright disgust. The response reminded us of the same reaction the Apostle Paul received after he preached at Mars Hill in Acts 17.

AiG arrived in Washington with a trailer filled with books, pamphlets, DVDs and brochures and as the conference came to a close, everything was gone. As one of the volunteers said, “We were wiped out.” Only eternity will reveal the results of this bold and fruitful ministry as evolution is exposed and deemphasized.

We would now ask that Christians across the USA pray for the teachers and education leaders that have taken this material home with them. Pray that God will open their hearts and minds to the truths of the Word of God. The seed has been sown in Washington; let’s pray that it will bring forth fruit in classrooms across America.

The entire AiG group would testify that this ministry in Washington was well worth the time and effort and that we leave Washington greatly encouraged and blessed.

We are thankful for the NEA Creation Science Educators Caucus that has given us this venue for ministry. Please visit the NEA 2008 Outreach blog for more information and prayer requests.

I have included a photograph of AiG worldwide Director Dr. David Crandall standing at the booth at the NEA convention.



My people shall know my name

(Isa 52:6-7) Therefore my people shall know my name: therefore they shall know in that day that I am he that doth speak: behold, it is I. How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace; that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation; that saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth!

There is one name that the Jews never consider as possibly the name of God & it is the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, ours is to bring this good news to them.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying


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