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AiG has a whole range of books and DVDs dealing with dinosaurs. As I have often stated, dinosaurs are used by evolutionists more than many things to convince young children (and adults) of evolution and millions of years. That is why AiG has produced some beautiful dinosaur books for children, as well as special DVD programs like the one Buddy Davis and I produced for kids.

I find that the secular media and evolutionists attack us vehemently for teaching that dinosaurs and people lived at the same time. They state that this is ridiculous and anti-science. They scoff and mock that we would even suggest dinosaurs lived together. This is despite the fact that there are numerous animals and plants living today alongside of people that evolutionists teach lived with or even before dinosaurs in their millions-of-years timescale (for instance: Wollemi pine tree, crocodiles, coelacanth fish, etc)—which shows clearly from even this perspective that it is not outlandish to believe dinosaurs and humans co-existed.

However, evolutionists can come up with absolutely outrageous statements about dinosaurs and ideas for kids—and consider this perfectly legitimate.

An AiG supporter recently bought a dinosaur book for his kids at Borders bookstore. She found an item in this book (which we have seen before) showing a picture (with a description) of what dinosaurs would have evolved into had they not become extinct! This “dinosaurid” would have been as intelligent as modern humans. As our supporter said, “I’ve heard some pretty ridiculous things, but ‘dinosaurid’ tops them.”


The book is entitled Dinosaurs Through Time by Rupert Matthews and published by McRae Books (copyright: McRae Books Srl 2005,  Revised Edition 2007,  p. 117).

There are some web links where you can find out more about the history of the “dinosaurid creature” including this information:

In 1982, paleontologist Dale Russell, curator of vertebrate fossils at the National Museum of Canada in Ottawa, speculated on how evolution would have proceeded if the troodonts had survived the extinction of the dinosaurs. Russell speculated that a species like Troodon would have grown smarter and taken on a human-like appearance. Russell partnered with taxidermist and artist Ron Sequin and together they made a model of what a derived, intelligent Troodon would look like, naming their fantasy creation a “Dinosauroid” (Russell & Séguin, 1982). While a few paleontologists, such as David Norman (1985) and Cristiano dal Sasso (2004) have regarded this as a plausible line of reasoning, others, such as Gregory S. Paul (1988) and Thomas R. Holtz Jr., consider it “suspiciously human” (Paul, 1988) and argue that a large-brained, highly intelligent troodontid would retain a more standard theropod body plan. Darren Naish has suggested the ground hornbill as a better model for a hominid-mimicking terrestrial theropod.

The lesson of this story: buy your dinosaur books from AiG where kids can learn the truth concerning the history of these creatures that God created on the sixth day of creation along side Adam and Eve. You can find AiG’s range of dinosaur resources on the AiG website.


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I have been in bed resting an injured knee since Saturday. Your magazine arrived last week and it has been such a joy to read it today! I was not able to get to church due to my injury, but reading your articles has been a worship experience all day. I am not through all the articles yet but have loved them all so far. Thank you for each prayerfully written volume, declaring the glory of our great God and exposing the lies that surround us.
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Each year, AiG hosts a “Missing Links Golf Outing” as a fundraiser for the Creation Museum. I have included just a few photographs of this year’s participants—and no, they are not the missing links, despite rumors to the contrary!

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