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UK speaking tour update: I have enclosed photographs taken at Liverpool (with the sloping auditorium) and Bedford. Between these two venues, over 1000 people came to hear the presentations I gave.

"I went to Ken Ham's talk in Liverpool and just wanted to say that it made me realise where I was going wrong when I tried to defend the faith - I wasn't using the Bible. Because people I talked to about these things don't like the Bible, I tended not to use it ... and the obvious problems arose for me.

"Ken was very helpful and made me focus my attention on winning souls for Christ, not looking good in intellectual debates! Thanks."

--T. R., England

On Thursday night I spoke in Leicester--then on to London for a two day conference at Westminster Chapel.

At Leicester, a man told me that he saw me interviewed along with some evolutionary scientists on the BBC (TV) 8 years ago. I distinctly remember this interview/debate. This man said he normally didn't watch this particular program, but in the providence of God he did so that night. He said at the time he was an evolutionist and atheist. He was greatly affected by the obvious anti-Christian bias he saw on the program. Then some time later, someone took him to a conference where I spoke. He said the Lord used all this to bring him to salvation!

A group of atheists stood outside the Leicester meeting and handed out anti-creationist flyers as people came in! There were quite a number of atheists in the audiences for both Bedford and Leicester--we had some interesting discussions (very tiring though). dsc_0254.JPGdsc_0260.JPGdsc_0271.JPGdsc_0272.JPG CREATION ADVENTURE DOWN UNDER

We received this great testimony from Australia this week concerning the two videos starring AiG’s Buddy Davis:

I have viewed 2 DVDs by the Creation Adventure Team entitled, "Six Short Days One Big Adventure" & "A Jurassic Ark Mystery" respectively and have found them both to be high quality presentations and relevant for the 8-12 yrs age group ...I have shown half of the first DVD to my Scripture class at a local public school (a requirement being that it be previewed by a teacher first). The result was that these students, who are normally very difficult to control or to keep their attention, were "glued" to the screen. The school teacher in attendance commented favourably on the quality of the production. She was rather silent about the message. Possibly because she has never heard such arguements before.
Put his hand upon

(Lev 1:4) And he shall put his hand upon the head of the burnt offering; and it shall be accepted for him to make atonement for him.

We daily revisit Calvary to become so impressed with the great cost to save us that it is like we put our hand on the Lord Jesus to know anew how He died for us.
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