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I’ve been in England now for just over a day, and I hear that a lot is happening back at the offices and museum in northern Kentucky.

Among the few thousand people who have visited the Creation Museum from Monday through Wednesday (by the way, really good crowds so far this week) have been some international visitors. On Tuesday as I was preparing to fly to London, two French architects toured the museum for their research purposes. Yesterday, an Australian student, who is studying at the University of Chicago, interviewed a few of our staff about the building of the museum—the museum’s vision, p.r. efforts, scripting, design, etc. She has been at the museum for three days now as she writes her master’s research paper on our museum.

This morning, we were honored by a visit from Josh Nottingham, president of the ministry called “MATS International” (based in Indiana). It helps provide lower-cost vehicles for missionaries and those in ministry at a tremendous discount. He spoke to the staff during our morning devotional time on Thursday (from Genesis chapter 3)—and will tour the museum with his family and friends for much of the rest of the day. Find out more about this unique outreach at: http://www.mats.org/about.php

The Christian media continue to drop by the Creation Museum, but next week we expect more secular reporters. There will be another Japanese TV crew here next week, followed by a British documentary team. One national radio ministry that came by recently—based across the Ohio River from us in Cincinnati—was the “Baptist Bible Hour,” and its host Lasserre Bradley Jr. I mentioned his visit in a previous blog, and now we have a date of when his interview with me (done in our AiG studios) will air nationwide: the weekends of April 20 and 27; and there will also be interviews heard on its daily weekday broadcast on April 23 and 29. You can see some photos of the visit and a report by Pastor Bradley at his radio ministry’s website at:


When I have reliable access to the internet, I will file reports about our current speaking tour of England. For the moment, visit the AiG events calendar for our UK itinerary.

Thank you for visiting and thank you for praying—especially for our ministry in Darwin’s homeland.


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