Archbishop of Canterbury Attacks Creationism

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According to a TIMESONLINE posting, the Archbishop of Canterbury—the leader of the Anglican Church—has attacked creationism. The posting states:

The Archbishop of Canterbury has attacked Creationism calling it a "questionable science pretending to be theology". Dr Rowan Williams, said "Neo Darwinism and Creationist science deserve each other. Creationism is a version of slightly questionable science pretending to be theology, and Neo Darwinism is a questionable theology pretending to be science."

The Archbishop hit out against the "two extremes" in the range of theories of how the world began in his Holy Week lecture on Faith and Science last night. He said "Science has more to do than is simply covered by these theories."

You can read entire article at:

Westminister Abbey’s own website describes the speech he gave on ‘Faith and Science’ this way:

The supposed opposition between religious belief and science rests on a series of misunderstandings but is still powerful. It shows itself mostly in two areas. There is – broadly – the Richard Dawkins agenda: post-Darwinian science makes belief impossible. And there is the contemporary sense that, where delicate issues around scientific research are concerned (stem-cell research, for example), religion introduces irrational elements into the discussion of what should be permissible.” (

The Archbishop’s entire speech will be on line (perhaps in a week or so) at this link:

Of course, what the Archbishop said is no surprise—but typical of where the church is at in England. Such compromise has greatly contributed to England being so spiritually dead with churches closing down all across the country and church attendance greatly declined.


The Creation Museum has seen visitors come from many different countries around the world. The following is an email received this past week:

We are a group of 13 (young people) from England and would like to visit the Museum on Saturday May 31st. We will be landing at the airport at around midday. Because we depart from Cincinnati the following day we hope to get to the museum as quickly as possible to make the most of the afternoon. Could you recommend a shuttle service that we could reserve to transport us to the museum? With the very limited time, I am concerned to get to the museum with plenty of time before you close. We will also have an issue with flight luggage as we would not be able to check into a hotel considering the limited time. Would there be any storage area available?...Thank you for your help. I realize it is a rushed visit and unusual request, but we just did not want to waste this opportunity to connect in Cincinnati and visit the museum. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yesterday, over 1800 people visited the Creation Museum, bringing the total number of visitors in just under ten months to close to 340,000 (we expect to go over the 340,000 mark today).


Let them lead us

(Joh 5:39-40) Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me. And ye will not come to me, that ye might have life.

The Scriptures are of no value unless we let them lead us to the person of the Lord Jesus Christ to receive life.

I have always said, that the ministry of AiG and the Creation Museum would be of no value, if they were not proclaiming the Word of God to equip Christians and to see people won to the Lord Jesus Christ.

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