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We’ve started a new feature on our Kids Answers website which we trust will help children and parents alike to develop a Bible-based worldview. It’s called “News for Kids” and works like our popular “News to Note” weekend feature—except it’s for kids! You can find it under the Newest Articles section on the Kids Answers homepage (

We’ll examine topics kids come across in such places as their Weekly Readers, Time for Kids, National Geographic for Kids, or school textbooks—but from a kid-friendly, biblical perspective. Several articles on individual topics will be posted each week, so continue checking the site for the latest updates. And be sure to let us know what you’d like us to talk about!


This year, AiG produced its very first VBS program called Amazon Expedition. It is based on the 7 C’s that we have in our museum and is extremely professionally produced with all the “bells and whistles” people have come to expect from such a program. However, this VBS is not just about “Bible Stories”—it enables children to connect the Bible to the real world (fossils, etc.), learn how to defend the Christian faith, and powerfully presents the gospel.

Just this past weekend I spoke at West Acres Baptist Church in Evans, Georgia. I found out they are moving “full steam ahead” with this VBS program for June 9–13. They even have a talented church member who is building a robotic dinosaur, and they are constructing other props, etc.


Around 1000 churches have now purchased the VBS for this year! The comments we are receiving back are thrilling—people who have run VBS programs for years tell us this is the best they’ve seen in recent times. Many explain that they want real meat—and Amazon Expedition gives it to them. A real apologetics VBS geared for children for this era of history.

If you haven’t decided on a VBS program for this year—can I encourage you (urge you) to consider Amazon Expedition?


A personal friend from California writes a daily short devotion for his employees. I will include them as often as possible on this blog:

One thought
(Gen 48:3-4)  “And Jacob said unto Joseph, God Almighty appeared unto me at Luz in the land of Canaan, and blessed me, and said unto me . . .”

Throughout our lives and in our deaths one thought will amaze us—that God chose to reveal Himself and speak to us, undeserving, condemned, defiled sinners.


Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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