Encouraging Feedback to Begin the Year

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As we begin a New Year, I thought it would be good to let you read just a few of the numerous responses we receive each week to the AiG/Creation Museum ministry:


Too often we put off writing and never get back to it, but reading the letters to the editor right now in the Jan-Mar 2008 issue, we just want you to know that one of the things we have especially appreciated about you is that you don't compromise on issues. Compromise is the beginning of a long slide to apostasy, and we never want you to go there. We are sorry that [someone] was offended about your last issue, but if truth offends, so be it. Being offensive is wrong, but to cause offense because of the truth is not. Jesus offended, but it was not he who was offensive but the truth. Truth is a two-edged sword, a blessing to some and an offense and judgment to others. Keep up your high standards, and continue to bless those of us who want to hear the truth. Actually, we know you will, for you have dealt with many who are offended by your statements, but God's word must be upheld. Too many "Christian" groups are compromising their standards, getting in bed with those who are not upholding God's word, for the sake of "reaching out" and "tolerance".
Thank you that we can always trust you for truth, and thank you for a simply fantastic magazine. We just wish it came out a lot more often, for after a few weeks we begin to wonder where the next issue is, and it always seems too long between issues. Then we read it word for word, cover to cover. Many of the articles are used in our Bible studies. Thank you, thank you, and we're praying for you.
During this Christmas season I wanted to present a bible lesson on a wednesday night to a class of fourth, fifth and sixth grade boys. I wanted to specifically talk to them about the account of the Star of Bethlehem. I searched your website for this subject and found Dr. Jason Lisle's excellent article concerning this. I don't know where else I could have found such a fitting and relevant discussion of this topic that also honors the biblical account. Thanks and keep up the good work!
Thank you Ken Ham for your article of 20th. Dec. 2007. Did Jesus create in 6 days plus 24 hrs. of "holy time"....Sabath i.e. a 7 day 24 hr. creation week?. I rejoice with you & your staff on the proven success of the A.I.G. programme. Press on,your site is my opening P.C. reading site each morning!”
Rejoice with us that this ministry the Lord has raised up is touching lives and please pray with us for more to be reached concerning the authority of God’s Word and the gospel as we launch into a busy 2008.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying


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