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We are thrilled to inform you about another special outreach being directed by Dr. David Crandall, Director of AiG WorldWide division. Dr. Crandall had the vision to bring pastors/Christian leaders from around the world to AiG/Creation Museum in small groups, and give them intensive training in creation apologetics. These leaders would then be equipped with resources so they could take the creation/gospel message back to the countries they minister in.

The first such International Training Seminar (ITS) has now booked and confirmed its first 11 students. Dr. Crandall sent this report to me:

These people will come to AiG in April 2008 for one week of intensive training on how to become a more effective creation speaker. WorldWide Director, Dr. David R. Crandall, will host these internationals as they train at the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky. The powerpoints that our AiG speakers use while making presentations will be translated into the national language of each trainee. Each student will also receive an AiG library when they leave for home.

I have attached the photographs and names of each of the students. Here are the names and photographs of most of those attending so you can pray for each of them:

creous-y-elizabeth-ramdath.jpgCreous and Elizabeth Ramdath from Peru cheng-teddy-10x15.jpgDr. Teddy Cheng from Hong Kong dr-wei_11-30-06-006.jpgDr. Christian Wei from Saipan christian-jr_slide1.JPGChristian Wei Jr from Saipan jan_sichula_343x392.jpgJan Sichula from the Slovak Republic pellumbranxha.jpgPellumb Ranxha from Albania image001.gifVictor de Paz from the Philippines Albania (anonymous) Israel (anonymous)

Please pray for the three who still have not received their VISAs.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying


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