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We are receiving a lot of feedback as AiG’s WorldWide division, under the leadership of Dr. Crandall, impacts the world. Praise the Lord with us as you read this yet another testimony and see how the Lord is taking AiG material around the world:

Next week we start 2 weeks of bilingual kids camp. I’m the so-called director! I have to tell you that all those creation science books your family sent really started an adventure for us. We’d never really learned about all that, which is surprising since I’ve always loved science. I guess I’d been too busy with little ones to notice the creation science “movement” of the last 15 years or so. Well your books plus an audio drama (Jonathan Park by Vision Forum) we received about the same time got us started and boy are we hooked! Since then I’ve been teaching about creation science in our summer bilingual kids camp (this is our 2nd year), in Sunday School and I’ve also put together a week seminar for Bible School the last 2 years- using mostly DVD’s from Answers in Genesis. It’s been awesome and I know God is using it in many lives. So THANK YOU for opening us up to a new avenue of ministry! It’s so exciting to share with others that science really does fit with the Bible and the Bible has answers that make more sense than the world’s answers!!!

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