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As I am in Australia visiting family at the present time, I thought it appropriate to include in this blog information about an interview the editor of Sight magazine conducted with me just before we left to come Down Under.

The interview begins:

“In late May, US-based Biblical apologetics group Answers in Genesis opened the doors of its $US27 million Creation Museum in St Petersburg, Kentucky. Now six months on, in the first of a two part interview DAVID ADAMS speaks with the group's Australian founder, Ken Ham, about the museum and his views on creationism, evolution and intelligent design . . . .”

Here are a list of the questions asked—you will need to go to the link below to read all my answers:

  • What's the purpose of the Creation Museum?
  • Your figures show the museum has already had 250,000 visitors in the first six months since it was opened. Have you been surprised by that level of response?
  • It might be suggested that what you present in the museum is simply one possible interpretation of what the Bible says. How do you answer that?
  • What’s your view on whether someone can be a Christian and believe in evolution?
  • The idea of “intelligent design” has recently gained traction in some circles. Where do you place that?
  • One of the criticisms commonly levelled against Answers in Genesis is that the organisation simply picks and choses from science what supports its worldview and ignores that which doesn’t. What’s your response to that?
  • So there’s always a bit of faith involved?
  • You’re an Australian who co-founded Answers in Genesis back in 1994. Can you tell us a little bit about how that came about?
  • Do you plan on opening any further Creation Museums elsewhere?

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