A Dying Testimony

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While visiting the town of Dalby, Queensland, Australia (where I spoke twice on the weekend), I visited a dear lady who is dying of cancer. This person has been a missionary with WEC. She told me she would be meeting her Savior soon—and she had such peace and joy about it despite her suffering right now. She wanted to meet me, as the AiG ministry has had such an impact on her life. She told me that many years ago she used to teach children (Sunday school etc.) and would add the long ages into Genesis. She said when the AiG ministry started in Australia (this began in our house in Queensland almost 30 years ago) and provided the wonderful resources—she was thrilled. She has been using AiG resources ever since and using them to witness to others. As I have said on this blog before, one never knows the ways in which the Lord has used this ministry until such testimonies as this are able to be heard. Praise the Lord.

My First Creation Presentation

This past Sunday, I spoke at Dalby Baptist Church–Dalby is about a two-and-a-half-hour drive west of Brisbane. Mally and I moved to Dalby 33 years ago this coming January. I began my career as a high school science teacher teaching at the local high school. During our first year in Dalby, I put together my very first presentation ever on the creation/evolution issue and presented this at a special program called a “youth exchange,” where the youth from Dalby exchanged with the youth from a Brisbane church—and I gave the sermon. That was really the embryonic beginnings of the ministry that started in our house in Brisbane just a couple of years later. It was such a special event for me to be able to bring a presentation using PowerPoint—and show some of the museum videos—and to show the congregation how the ministry has grown to what it is today with the Creation Museum outreach making a world impact. Quite a number of people who attended the church 33 years ago are still there (though somewhat older) and remember those early days of my special interest in this topic.

It was also thrilling to meet a couple of my ex-students who attended my meetings—but it really makes one realize how fast time goes when you find out one of the students whom I taught in grade 10 is married with children and grandchildren! And the other one is married with six grown up children!!

Testimony Re Bias in Public Schools

While dealing with testimonies today, I thought it would be good to include this one received by email this week:

“Thank you for your ministry! I have taught in special education for 17 years. Though I have worked K–12, the majority of my time has been spent at the high school level teaching core curriculum and coaching. The bias in the public schools for evolution is very frustrating (a key reason for our decision to homeschool our five kids). It is amazing how heavily the religion of evolution is promoted and relied upon. Teachers will often make comments to degrade students, parents, or staff who are not as ‘intelligent or informed’ as they are. Thus, our intellectual standing can be put into question. I have found that there is very little searching for the truth when it comes to this topic. I have worked and continue to work in the areas of biology and discovery science. My job is to present content and facilitate learning. The logical and educated answers you provide help me shed light in some dark places and at times I'm able to ‘make a defense for the hope that is inside me.’ Please pray for all Christian teachers in the public schools as we attempt to be used by the Lord as He wills, not as man commands.”

Lastly, if you have not read the intriguing piece already, see today’s main web article on our site about the remarkable story of Dr. Nathaniel Abraham and how he got fired from a prestigious research institute because he was a creationist—and his bosses even admit that’s why he was terminated!

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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