Cincinnati Post on Vendetta Against Creation Museum?

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Cincinnati Post reporter Kevin Eigelbach is no stranger to AiG. He has written many newspaper stories and religion columns misrepresenting and/or attacking AiG. Recently he came out with another column making accusations against the Creation Museum concerning museum signage on the interstate (I-275) that runs past the museum and implying wrongdoing on the part of the state of Kentucky etc. Kevin Eigelbach made false statements about a sign in Indiana, which is actually a billboard that we pay for, not a Kentucky state sign. It is obvious that he just wants to do whatever he can to try to undermine the integrity of a Bible-upholding ministry like AiG and attack the Creation Museum.

Rather than me tell you all about this in my blog, AiG’s CCO Mark Looy has written a front page web story with all the details. I would encourage you to go to our website and read what Mark has for you. It is also interesting to note that when the Post was confronted with the facts and a list of the false information in Eigelbach’s story, they printed a “sort of” very, very weak retraction—and mildly dealt with only one wrong item—in an obscure place in the paper. Sad that they won’t fully admit they were wrong and really apologize, and so, many readers will continue to believe the lies that were originally printed. That is why we decided to tell the truth on our website concerning this continuing—what we can only believe is a deliberate—vendetta against AiG and the Creation Museum.

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