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AiG’s Carl Kerby and his wife, Masami (a native of Japan), are currently in Japan on vacation—but using the time to visit various churches and Christian leaders. One small church in Japan sent a $10,000 donation to the Creation Museum. This church is dreaming of building their own Creation Museum in Japan—we shipped them over one of the T. rex heads Buddy Davis sculptured. We’ve had a number of Japanese visitors at the Creation Museum, including a full time worker with a Japanese creation organization. They look to us in regard to getting the creation/gospel message out to the people of Japan. One elderly Japanese pastor visited me last year. In my office he told me that when they translated our books, they needed to put ‘The Creator’ for God, as the Japanese people believe in many gods (the Shinto religion), and so to explain to them about the Christianity, they have to define who the real God is!

Carl sent this report from Japan:

Ken, A brief report from Japan. I arrived yesterday and spent the night close to the airport. We woke up this morning and took 4 trains to get to Nagoya Japan. Here we met with the church that gave us the $10,000 gift. I thanked them and gave them an update. They were VERY encouraged. Pat Marsh is going through our lists of fossils etc. Things that we have duplicates of, he is going to let them borrow for their museum they are dreaming of. Horikoshi-sensei was there tonight as well. He’s healed after his 3rd heart attack! He’s going to show us the site he’s working on for the Japanese Creation Museum tomorrow. They have created a Japanese DVD of the museum that they previewed tonight. It looked really good. We’ll be able to use it for our Japanese visitors in the US. I also presented them with the Best Evidence DVD that now contains Japanese subtitles. It was a very encouraging day. We move every day for the next 10 days. It shall be interesting, Carl.”

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It was thrilling to receive this feedback as a result of my speaking tour in Scotland:

My mother, sister and I would like to express our delight at both evenings’ talks and books (of which we bought a good few). It was exciting and invigorating to hear such facts helping us to be certain when talking with the rest of our family and community which like everywhere else has been hoodwinked by the belief in science as absolute. The theory of evolution has annoyed me for long enough, it made no sense then or now but without these amazing encouraging talks and factual books it was and is hard to battle against the determination of secular society to NOT believe in creation as literal. And you’re so right about some ministers and outreach programs (as great as they are) talking to Jews instead of today’s Greeks, not to mention the compromises and uncertainties with which we sometimes talk.
Long gone are the days when everyone went to Church/Sunday school and knew about creation. The media—paper and TV—has been indoctrinating them willingly to the evolution religion. It’s so hard with such stubborn people to find a way in.
We are hoping to use your 12 pack DVD set to educate our church and community with some evening viewings in our hall hence the order for tracts which will be placed hopefully beside the teas and cakes so they can not hope themselves to avoid them.
Once again THANK YOU… for enlightening us and arming us for the war. We hope again that Ken Ham was not disheartened by our silent reserve its just us. We DID really enjoy him very, very much. We also hope that he and Answers in Genesis grow and strengthen through the years ahead and maybe one day we’ll get to see you all again. THANK YOU.”
I’ve included another photograph of one of my meetings in Scotland—this one taken in Inverness, near Loch Ness.



On Friday, I went out to the Creation Museum to meet and greet people. Within the space of about 20 minutes, I had three different people tell me how they became Christians as a result of the AiG ministry. One was a student from Romania who is now going to Bible College and wants to be a creation speaker in that country. Praise the Lord.

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