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I have had a number of people lately tell me they were either obtaining AiG resources for their local public library or their local public library had agreed to order AiG resources to be made available to the public. What I am finding is that as the information now so readily available through AiG and the Creation Museum gets out into the church/culture, more and more people are making statements to officials at their local natural history museums, putting pressure on local public libraries to ensure AiG resources are made available, etc. I have always had the philosophy that AiG should be seen as a great reservoir of material, and we just keep pumping it out into the community—and the more that happens, the more the information will spread across the nation and the more people will become emboldened to do something about ensuring others get to know of this information.

While at Gull Lake Bible Conference (Mally and I drove home today), a lady told me that her local public library (due to this lady’s influence/insistence) agreed to order a Library Pack (this is a great discounted set of resources) from AiG. This library also agreed to obtain a subscription to Answers magazine!

We are also finding out about situations like the following as explained in an email sent from a public school teacher:

“I am a public school teacher. My husband and I have supported the museum from the beginning. We visited in June and were amazed at the professional design and accuracy of the exhibits. It was far more than anything we could have imagined. We went home and got a group together from our church. We returned just this past week with 19 adults and teens from our church. Our pastor has really gotten on board. I have purchased several books to put in my public school classroom library for my students self selected reading time. This is perfectly legal since the students are able to choose the books they read. My church teens were also excited to have the book Evolution Exposed. I purchased enough earlier in the year for each one to have a copy but their visit to the museum motivated them to actually take a copy to read. Thanks for all you do. You are always in our prayers.”
Maybe more of you could start influencing your local public libraries etc. to ensure they have AiG resources—offer to donate them yourself if they claim their budget is restricted.

I praise the Lord for the phenomenal responses we heard at the Gull Lake Bible conference. Buddy Davis now finishes out the conference over the next two days.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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