Answers Magazine “One of the Greatest Tools”

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Ever since we announced the production of Answers magazine on AiG's website, it has been a best seller—and is becoming more popular every day. Here is what one excited new subscriber said about the world’s leading creation/worldview resource being “one of the greatest tools.”

“I am a new subscriber to Answers and to say that I am impressed would be a gross understatement! I purchased the back issues while visiting the Creation Museum and I have not been able to put them down. Your magazine is one of the greatest tools, aside from the Bible itself, I have found to assist in defending the authenticity of God's holy word! You can put me down as a life-long subscriber for I cannot conceive a time in my remaining years that I would not want to have this fine publication.”
With its special lift-out children’s magazine and collector poster, another collector poster at the end of the magazine, and a special website with additional material including more in-depth information, and more great things for kids, Answers magazine is unique in the world. It is what we call an “apologetics” magazine—a publication to help the whole family defend the Christian faith in today's world—to have answers to the skeptical questions and attacks on the Christian faith in this age. It is also a phenomenal witnessing tool.

If you don't get Answers magazine, I urge you to subscribe now. Also, see my recent blog post on Answers magazine.

Well, yesterday I spent in New York City with my brother Stephen. Today I will be in California for a TV interview. My next major speaking engagement is the Home Educator's Conference in Louisville, Kentucky. And don't forget the powerful Answers Family Camp just around the corner.

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