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AiG continues to receive rave reviews for the Answers magazine publication. We have never had such rave feedback from a publication till we produced Answers magazine. There is no other creation/worldview magazine for the whole family like this one in the world. Here is one what subscriber said last week:

“We just received our first copy of Answers magazine and are completely blown away! What a wonderfully and beautifully compiled magazine. We pray that the Lord will continue to bless your ministry and we are going to do our part to share this wonderful find with all our friends and beyond! Thanks again and please continue in this necessary endeavor!”
If you look at the front page of the www.answersingenesis.org website, you will see that subscriptions to Answers magazine are the number one seller in our top list of selling items. In fact, even before the first issue was actually printed, Answers magazine subscriptions went to number one on AiG’s top sellers on the website—and it continues to be a best-seller hit!

If you haven’t subscribed yet, then I encourage to do so and don’t miss out on this world-class resource for the whole family. You can also obtain back issues here.

Even though I’ve said it before, I must congratulate the Answers magazine team for producing such a professional, cutting-edge magazine styled to reach this culture. Another unique aspect of Answers magazine is the website that goes along with it giving extra information and content. There’s no doubt this is the leading creationist publication today.

40-foot sauropod travels to Creation Museum

A 40-foot sauropod sculptured by Buddy Davis was brought from Buddy’s studio to the Creation Museum ready for the July 4 opening of the Dino Den–the Creation Museum’s new dinosaur exhibit. I have included photographs of the sauropod as it was transported.

img_1518.jpg img_1529.jpg

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