Advance USA Director Visits Creation Museum

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On Friday, I hosted Josh Scheiderer, policy director for Advance USA and his family at the Creation Museum. Josh and his wife Christy have been teaching their children (Haywood, Tori, and baby Eden) with AiG resources such as A is for Adam and My Creation Bible. I have included a photo of Josh, his family, and parents Richard and Sue with me standing in front of several of AiG's resources. When I read some of my favorite parts of My Creation Bible to Haywood and Tori, Haywood quickly recognized that I sounded just like the person on the audio CD that comes with it! (By they way, you can get a copy of My Creation Bible from the AiG bookstore.)

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Visit from “On Eagles’ Wings”

See photograph of the group from “On Eagles’ Wings.” After their visit to AiG/Creation Museum, they wrote:

Thank you so much for making possible the special visit of the On Eagles’ Wings team to your Creation Museum earlier this week. These Native American young people were very intrigued to learn and absorb all aspects of the Biblical worldview that is so clearly presented throughout your ministry. Thank you again for the extra effort of your staff to make a special after hours tour possible to accommodate our group's very tight travel schedule.

“On Eagles’ Wings” is a Native American leadership development team of young adults ranging in age from 16-35. The goal of this inter-tribal team of Native American “ambassadors of hope” is to be “make a difference” people for other Native young people. They believe they can best make a difference by being models of hope and faith for their generation of Native Americans. They are a group of young people who desire to present positive answers to the pressures of living as a Native young person today, through a relationship with the Creator, Jesus Christ.

Each summer, Ron Hutchcraft Ministries produces the annual "OEW Warrior Leadership Summit," a Native youth discipleship conference that impacts several hundred Native young people. Following this unique conference, two On Eagles’ Wings teams travel out to reservations and Native villages where young people gather. The outreach tool-kit includes creative drama, sports, hip-hop music, games, free food, and personal "hope stories" that share the life-changing impact of Jesus Christ. Many of these young men and women have inspiring stories to tell about overcoming some of the pain, pressures, and problems that plague so many Native American young people.

The Summer of Hope 2007 features two teams: Team Canada is touring several Native reserves in Western Canada. Team U.S. is in New York state, reaching out to six Native Indian Reservations throughout the month of July.

Approximately twenty-five Native youth were selected to participate in the U.S. "On Eagles’ Wings" team, and representing Canada, nine different U.S. states, and the following tribes (nations): Wichita, Seneca, White Mountain Apache, Nez Perce, Yupik Eskimo, Ojicree, Cayuga, Tuscarora, Hopi, Navajo, Lakota Sioux, Dakota Sioux, Cherokee, Oglala Lakota Sioux, Apache, Crow, Choctaw, and Warm Springs.

“On Eagles’ Wings” was founded by Ron Hutchcraft, and has been making a difference since 1991. For more information about the On Eagles’ Wings ministry, and to receive regular email updates from this year's Summer of Hope, please visit:

On Eagles’ Wings

Another Record Day at the Creation Museum

Over 3,400 people visited the Creation Museum on Saturday—this is now the record for any day since the 4,000 visited on Opening Day. By Monday, over 70,000 will have visited since the opening week.

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